21 Point Adobe Analytics Audit

August 28, 2019 Clint Eagar

Web analysts and business decision-makers alike often don’t have confidence in what their web analytics solution tells them.

Every business using Adobe Analytics wants its implementation to capture the most valuable pieces of data possible to meet business goals and objectives. Unfortunately, even the most flawless implementations begin to devolve and decay over time—creating the need to conduct an audit.

This eBook provides a 21 point Adobe Analytics audit to ensure that you are capturing data you can trust and that you can confidently use to drive the right decisions in your organization.

The auditing strategy in this eBook includes:

  • Best practices seen across the most successful companies
  • Techniques to use regardless of site maturity or industry vertical
  • Expert insight of how to create tangible business value from your analytics

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About the Author

Clint Eagar

Clint gets things done. He has been building websites, marketing and optimizing them for 15 years. He claims to know a little bit about a lot of things and is relied on to execute anything quickly. Clint has been with ObservePoint since the early days and has helped support, test, and promote the product. Before coming to ObservePoint he was at OrangeSoda, running the enterprise SEO team, and before that he was a business consultant at Omniture.

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