Automate Your Analytics Implementation QA

April 8, 2019 Matthew Maddox

With the advanced technology available today, possibilities are endless—so why should that be any different for your analytics implementations?  

It’s not. Not anymore, that is.

With an automated QA platform like ObservePoint, you can have confidence that you’re receiving accurate data from the analytics on your site. No more spending time and money on things that aren’t producing the results you need.

This eBook offers examples of how companies like HPE, NBCUniversal, Recruit Lifestyle, and a major pharma marketing agency:

  • Eliminated manual testing of implementations to avoid human error
  • Automated analytics testing to take back their time and save money
  • Made major improvements to company workflows
  • Began collecting trustworthy and actionable data

About the Author

Matthew Maddox

Matt’s mission is to educate and enable customers to use the marketing technologies they select for their sites most effectively. Matt delivered training at Omniture and Adobe for over eight years before joining ObservePoint. He was the dedicated trainer for several global companies, creating and delivering custom courses based on their corporate business requirements. With a wealth of experience solving analytics questions in many industry verticals, including e-commerce, media, finance, lead generation and automotive, Matt offers sound direction and analytics insight.

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