4 Ways to Align Marketing and IT Analytics Implementation Workflows

October 17, 2019 Eric Dumain

Marketing and IT analytics teams don't always get along. In fact, a harmonious relationship between these two teams is a rarity in most businesses. But when these teams do get along, your business can reap many benefits, including reduced analytics errors, improved customer experiences, and an increased bottom line.  

Luckily, having misaligned marketing and IT analytics teams isn't a hopeless situation. There are several ways to get these teams communicating and collaborating to lift your business. 

In this eBook, 4 Ways to Align Marketing and IT Analytics Implementation Workflows, you'll learn how to:

  • Encourage team collaboration by aligning language, goals, and knowledge
  • Build a baseline for team collaboration with the data layer
  • Create a framework that encourages team collaboration
  • Improve collaboration by focusing on necessary data

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About the Author

Eric Dumain

Fresh off a successful career in the IT industry for companies like Oracle, Apple and Macromedia (now Adobe) where he served as managing Director SEMEA, Eric decided to jump into the digital analytics industry about 15 years ago. He started operations for Webtrends and Omniture in Europe and immediately identified the huge potential of digital analytics as well as the technological shortcomings and process pitfalls. Eric then founded Hub’Sales, a digital analytics consulting firm and created Hub’Scan, a SaaS platform dedicated to digital analytics optimization, both acquired by the B&D Group. Recognized and awarded by industry representatives (DAA) for his entrepreneurship and innovation, Eric has decided to join ObservePoint, with whom he shares vision, values and philosophy, as VP product strategy.

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