What Is ObservePoint?

February 13, 2018 Jack Vawdrey

There are a number of reasons why you could be reading this “What is ObservePoint?” post.

Maybe you saw a promotion for one of our webinars, reports or eBooks. Or possibly you happened upon our name while networking amongst the analytics community. Maybe you saw us at an event. Or perhaps you saw a lovely, yellow-branded ObservePoint billboard driving along I-15 in Utah Valley.

Regardless, we’re glad you could make it—and we’d love to answer your question “What is ObservePoint?” and maybe a few more, if you’ve got the time.


  • What is ObservePoint?
  • What is tag auditing?
  • How does ObservePoint help with data quality?
  • What is ObservePoint and Adobe’s relationship?
  • Where can I see an ObservePoint tutorial?

What is ObservePoint?

Simple Answer

In its simplest form, ObservePoint is software to help companies ensure digital analytics data is accurate and actionable. We accomplish this by scanning websites and apps to make sure analytics tags are present and collecting data as expected. Another term for this is “tag governance” (more on this topic in a following section).

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. A drop in the ocean. A single grain of sand on Pebble Beach. Essentially, in the act of scanning your website, ObservePoint can test nearly any hitch, joint or hinge holding your website together. And we can do it at scale.

Check out the advanced use cases below.

Advanced Answer

Our tool’s robust customizability allows you to test for nearly any variable, value or technology you want to make sure functions properly on your site. Here are some use cases:

  • Data layer testing
  • Javascript error detection
  • Critical path monitoring (such as a sign-up or shopping cart path)
  • 400-error identification
  • GDPR compliance testing
  • And more

What is tag governance?

Historically, ObservePoint has been known as a tag auditing or tag validation solution. These are strong parts of our history, as we’ve been offering demo website audits for a while, as well as hosted our large Validate conference since 2017. But we’ve grown, and now offer a robust tag governance solution.

Tag governance is a sub-discipline within the broader discipline of data governance, focused specifically on the data collected by digital marketing and analytics tags and sent via network request. Tag governance solutions scan the network requests sent from websites and apps in their various stages of development in order to identify potential tagging errors.

The goal of tag governance is to offer enterprises end-to-end control over their tags.

You can learn more about tag governance by visiting the following blog post:

Tag Governance: A Framework for Governing Your Digital Analytics and Marketing Tags

What is tag auditing?

To learn more about tag auditing, you can check out these two blog posts:

What Is Tag Auditing?

Tag Auditing Tools: What They Are and Why You Need One

How does ObservePoint help with data quality?

Broken tags mean inaccurate data. Especially in the case of analytics tags, a bad implementation will create inaccurate, inactionable data.

Guess what happens if you accidentally install an analytics tag twice? Your data for that page will be double the actual value.

What if a tag breaks? Then you lose data.

These problems are especially likely when you’re frequently updating your site. Other tagging errors include unauthorized tags and missing analytics variables.

But without a tag governance solution, you wouldn’t have any way of knowing that. And your data would continue to be inaccurate until somehow dug into the code and noticed a problem.

Learn more about how ObservePoint can improve data quality.

What is ObservePoint and Adobe’s relationship?

ObservePoint and Adobe share a unique relationship in that Adobe is both a client and a partner. Our relationship is tied together by our love for data quality, particularly when it comes to Adobe’s robust Analytics Cloud solution. We both contribute something to the other, which is what makes Adobe Analytics and ObservePoint better together.

In addition, ObservePoint partnered with Adobe to create Adobe Auditor, an integrated tag auditing solution that lives within Adobe’s Analytics Cloud.

See how ObservePoint can test your Adobe Analytics implementation.

Where can I see an ObservePoint tutorial?

If you’re a customer and are looking for some training, you can access videos and documentation at help.observepoint.com with your account credentials. If you’re just curious (that’s awesome if you are!), then the easiest way to see ObservePoint in action is to sign up for a sample audit of your own site.

Hope these have answered your questions. Comment below if you have any others!


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