DataChat LIVE!

Digital marketing and analytics leaders discuss data governance, validation, and decision-making.

  • DataChat LIVE! Episode 539:16

    DataChat LIVE! Episode 5

    Episode 5: Special guest, Jason Thompson, joins us to discuss opinions on Google Analytics 4, and Facebook's recent woes and what it means for marketeers across the world.

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  • DataChat LIVE! Episode 442:33

    DataChat LIVE! Episode 4

    Episode 4: Special Guest, Ingrid Silva Pino, joins the discussion about updates on LGPD, the UK walking away from GDPR, processes and tools for addressing data protection, And more!

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  • DataChat LIVE! Episode 323:41

    DataChat LIVE! Episode 3

    Episode 3: Special guest, Krista Seiden, joins the discussion on New GA 4, Changes in Digital Experience, Industry Updates, & More!

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  • DataChat LIVE! Episode 233:05

    DataChat LIVE! Episode 2

    Episode 2: Join digital marketing and analytics leaders for regular live discussions around data problem-solving, industry news, strategy, governance, technology, regulations, and more!

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  • DataChat LIVE! Episode 142:19

    DataChat LIVE! Episode 1

    Episode 1: Join the conversation with Jeremy Moran of Quadratic about building robust identities with CDPs, the new Adobe SDK, and more!

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