Perfecting Release Validation (Europe) - Craig Ferguson, Lloyds Banking Group

Taking a proactive approach to governing your analytics and marketing tags can provide huge benefits for the accuracy of your implementation, which ultimately boosts your credibility. This session will offer ways you can become your company’s data quality guru with Release Validation and catch analytics errors before they happen, including how to:

  • Address data quality issues before they reach a production environment, with less risk and cost
  • Focus on implementing technology governance in early development environments, such as staging, dev, and QA
  • Instill a culture of proactive technology and data governance


Craig Ferguson

Senior Tagging Analyst

Lloyds Banking Group

Craig Ferguson is a Digital Analytics specialist with over 6 years of experience. During that time he has worked within the financial services industry. His main areas of focus are: Tag Deployment, Governance, Release Management and Data Quality. Craig is passionate about his work and feels that if you can get the data right, that will help your organisation understand what is happening and allow focus on the why. He also believes that in order for organisations to focus on the “What” & “Why”, it's critical to have the right tools and processes in place.

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