Using Cluster Analysis to Craft Relevant Customer Experiences

August 8, 2017 Jason Call

Today’s customers expect top-notch experiences from the brands they trust.

Not only do you have to meet this need, but you have to contend with ever-shortening customer attention spans as well.

Providing relevant customer experiences keeps customers close to your brand as you anticipate their needs and provide the personalized solutions they crave.

In this free webinar, join Reid Bryant, VP of Analytics and Data Science from Brooks Bell, and Jason Call, Director of Consulting from ObservePoint, as they discuss how to:

  • Use cluster analysis helps brands find their most valuable users
  • Predict customer behavior from accurate analytics data
  • Identify valuable sub-segments of customers you didn’t previously know about

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About the Author

Jason Call

Jason caught the “digital marketing bug” over ten years ago when his music went viral, and he became the first unsigned artist to reach a million downloads on the internet. Since then, he has devoted his career to mastering analytics and providing actionable insights for hundreds of clients, spanning many industries and verticals.

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