Determine Your Data's Worth: Data Plus Use Equals Value

August 5, 2019 Matthew Maddox

As the data economy heats up, board members are asking about data commercialization strategies, and the question that is top of mind for most is "What's my data worth?" 

In this webinar, Forrester Analyst Jennifer Belissent and ObservePoint's Matt Maddox answer this essential question as well as teach how to:

  • Price data products based on the value derived from the data's use
  • Apply data to a specific use case so CIOs can determine its value: Data plus use equals value.
  • Validate data collection since the value of your data and pricing it is moot if you aren’t collecting accurate data to begin with

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About the Author

Matthew Maddox

Matt’s mission as the Director of Enablement at ObservePoint is to educate customers to use the marketing technologies they select for their sites most effectively. Matt delivered training at Omniture and Adobe for over eight years before joining ObservePoint. He was the dedicated trainer for several global companies, creating and delivering custom courses based on their corporate business requirements. With a wealth of experience solving analytics questions in many industry verticals, including e-commerce, media, finance, lead generation and automotive, Matt offers sound direction and analytics insight.

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