7 Cases Where You Can't Afford To Skip Analytics Testing

October 18, 2018 Patrick Hillery

Have you considered the impact frequent website updates have on analytics data quality? With all those moving parts, something is bound to go wrong.

You need to make sure you're continually receiving the data you expect from your analytics and marketing technology implementations. Testing your implementations by building and carrying out a test plan can help you avoid tagging errors and ensure superior data quality.

In 7 Cases Where You Can’t Afford to Skip Analytics Testing, ObservePoint’s director of consulting and solution engineering, Pat Hillery, will walk you through how to painlessly test your data collection technologies when:

Releasing new code for a web or mobile application

  • Launching an A/B test
  • Updating your TMS or data layer
  • And more

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About the Author

Patrick Hillery

Patrick was a Consultant at Adobe for 8 years, spending the last couple of years working as one of the first Principle MSAs (Multi-product Solution Architects) where he attempted to learn and deploy the full Adobe Stack. During his tenure, Patrick also had the unique opportunity of consulting onsite at Dell and Facebook. Patrick has been at ObservePoint for over 3 years leading the Customer Success and Sales Engineering Organizations.

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