Setting Up Web & App Journeys

ObservePoint gives you the tools you need to configure and analyze user paths through your website. Knowing if your critical paths are collecting the right data is essential for your management to have confidence in the data stories you present. This training will lead you through setting up Web and App Journeys that can be replayed on a regular schedule to help you discover where your analytics may be failing. During this class you'll learn how to:

  • Define interactions on the page to fill out forms and click buttons
  • Create automated tests using simple UI tools or JavaScript 
  • Securely log into a website and access private or secured content Identify the best selector to use for different page elements


Kaitlin Patterson

Technical Success Manager


Kaitlin Patterson is a Technical Success Manager for ObservePoint and heads the education initiatives for all customer education. For going on five years, she's pursued simplifying, standardizing, and scaling customer education and onboarding in the tech space. Kaitlin has a passion for processes and Mexican food as a San Diego transplant to Utah.

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Getting Started with Audits

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