ObservePoint Certification Exam Preparation

Are you an avid user of ObservePoint? In this session, Kaitlin Patterson will go over what you will need to pass the ObservePoint Certification exam. This session is for those that have already taken the introductory courses and have spent sufficient time in the platform. 


Kaitlin Patterson

Technical Success Manager


Kaitlin Patterson is a Technical Success Manager for ObservePoint and heads the education initiatives for all customer education. For going on five years she's pursued simplifying, standardizing, and scaling customer education and onboarding in the tech space. Kaitlin has a passion for processes and Mexican food as a San Diego transplant to Utah.

Hello and welcome to the final training session of ObservePoint's Validate, the final training session of validate today. There is there is another session after this all about the new product features I believe, so stick around for Validate. But training with me, if you've been hanging on with me all day, is almost at an end. I think I have a few people who've been here for all the sessions, hopefully I've been enjoyable. I'm Kaitlin Patterson. This session we're going to be covering the ObservePoint certification exam.  I'll also be kind of reviewing the product as a whole, just as a part of this exam prep.  With this session anyone who is here we will be sending you an email after the conference with an invite to take the exam. 

So this is just a review session, but if you're in the session, we'll be collecting all the information on everybody who attended and then shooting you an email with that actual exam to be able to take it.  I'm Kaitlin Patterson, like I mentioned, I'm a Technical Success Manager, which means I work with customers. I also work on all of our educational offerings, so the tutorials, the articles, the exam that's me. I've also got Jonny Gappmaier with me.  he's in the chat. Jonny is our product specialist, which means he works with pretty much all of our customers and helps them get the most out of the app. So if you're somebody who has been working with the ObservePoint app for a while, or if you're new, or if you're getting back into it and you're wondering, am I using all of the features? Are there features that match this use case, this is something that we're working on now.  Or what else can we do? How can we improve our usage?  Jonny's going to be your guy - just let your ObservePoint contact know you want to have that type of meeting, and they'll reach out to Jonny and get you set up with all that great advice. So that's Jonny, he'll be in the chat. 

If you have questions, this is probably a big session to ask questions in. So if you've had questions from earlier sessions today, feel free to still submit those on audits, journeys, rules, reports the new release, new functionality, old functionality, any questions, feel free to put them in the chat.  It's not just questions about, about this exam. So feel free to let us let us know. So I'm going to start with what resources are available. So when it comes to studying both for the certification exam and just learning the app,  we have two key resources: our Academy, and the Help Site. I'm gonna show you how to get there. 

So again, if you've been in a session today, you've probably seen this, but when you log in you'll start on the old app. If you want to move the new app, you want to click this, "try the next OP App" button, big yellow button on the left will switch you into the new UI. To get to the support features you want to go down to support on the bottom left, there is also chat functionality. So if you have a specific question, you can shoot us an email or chat with us. You'll notice my pictures down there. I'm on there sometimes. It is with a live person, so it's not robots. I promise. But there's a chat and email functionality for specific viewer account related questions, but for learning, for studying for this exam, I'm gonna go to the "help documentation". 

You can search through any of the articles here on the bottom, there's a little search bar. You want to actually enter it won't start searching when you just type. So you do want to actually enter on that search just to be aware. And then with all these articles, if you are somewhere in the site that you're trying to learn; So if we go to our data sources and I'll open up audit, actually, from our data sources here if we open up our chat, if we open up our help documentation, our bubble used to function differently. So if I'm clicking multiple times, that's why. You'll notice it's actually going to serve up articles that are related to what you're looking at. So I'm looking at the audits and web journey screen. It's going to serve up the articles related to creating and editing audits and web journeys. 

So it does try to be helpful. If you just want to go through all the documentation, click on one of these articles, click on the title, open it up, and then you'll be in our Help Site, or just go to help.observepoint.com. That's the link for the site. All of the documentation lives here, there are articles on the new stuff. So new ObservePoint app is the topic. You'll see some of those articles served up to you when you log in and you're going through the new features, but there are videos with these little walkthroughs of what stuff is, there's a breakdown of what all the new audit reports are with the descriptions.  So that documentation is here.

When it comes to the exam, what you want to focus on is the basics.  So if you've been in the sessions today, basically similar topics, what are audits? What are journeys? What reports are there? What kind of insights are we serving? And functionality like that. What does remote file mapping do? You want to focus on being able to use the app, knowing what all the features do. The exam isn't trying to trick you, I promise I wrote it. It's also not meant to be, you don't have to memorize the entire app. So I tried not to have any questions that were just, you know, "if you look at this screen, what did you see in the top right corner?" You don't have to know the app like I have to know the app.  You just have to know how to use it. So that's the main goal, but this is our Help Site. The other resource that we have is Academy.observepoint.com. So you'll Go to support, and then Academy training. 

Jonny, just let me know I'm not sharing my screen, which would have been helpful. So let me show you again, the support option and then help documentation. You do six sessions in a row, and then you don't share your screen, which is a real tech world problem, I think.  So within the app support and then help documentation,  hopefully I've spoken clear enough on the where, otherwise, but that'll pop up these articles. Like I said, you open up the article, you click the title, it launches. And while you're reading these articles,  you can forget that I wasn't sharing my screen, cause they're so exciting to read. 

Under support, we also have Academy training. This opens up our tutorials before taking the exam, I would at the very least take the New User Basics. It's pretty short, it's pretty engaging. I wrote it earlier this year.  It's got nice videos in it, so it shouldn't be a total slog, I promise. But new user training focuses on the basics. What is contained within the app as well as best practices. So in general, it's, it's a tutorial that I recommend for anybody starting out or wanting to make sure that, you know, they're familiar with the app. So that's where I'd start. For the exam, I would probably try and go through Web & App Assurance Basics. Definitely Part 1, which goes over audits and definitely Part 3, which goes over journeys. Of Part 2, I'd probably only do the rules section because the reports are getting updated probably next week to be the new reports. So right now they're the old audit reports and that's the only limitation there. Yeah. I would definitely review 1 and 3, and those rules sections. So that's our, our resources. We have all the help documentation and then we have the Academy with the tutorials and of course, you know, your ObservePoint contact. 

What will the exam cover? It's going to be functionality, best practices and then troubleshooting. With that said,  what I'm talking about, if we actually look at the app here is,  you should feel comfortable creating an audit, opening it up. What are the aspects of an audit when you create it? You should be comfortable with what each of these features is. Why would we add labels? If you've been in a session with me today, there's going to be a question about labels on my exam. Things like what do folders do? Where can you sort by folders,  starting URL, can you put in more than one? Basic sort of functionality questions, so you should feel really comfortable on the screen.  If you feel comfortable setting up an audit, you're in a good place. I would also familiarize yourself with the advanced setup. The questions don't go crazy into all of the nit-picky stuff about this, but definitely know what do each of these functions do. 

There are articles on this that will supplement that knowledge. And if you're not sure, hop on a call with your consultant and do a review with them before you take the exam. It's, like I said, it's not meant to trick you, but you should feel comfortable with an audit. You should feel comfortable with what these features are and what they do.  Same thing with journeys you want to feel comfortable with, what are the settings? How do I create a journey? What types of actions there are, you don't need to be a JavaScript expert. You don't need to be a journey building expert, but do know, what is a journey? What can go into making a journey? How do these actions function? So if I use a click, what is the selector? What are the very basics of how I get a selector? You don't need to know,  you know, all the possibilities, but,  be comfortable with the screen, be comfortable with adding actions. 

With the rules,  same idea. You want to be comfortable with those little settings and where they are when it comes to the new stuff, what I would do is familiarize yourself with the articles that are here about the functionality.  there's not going to be any questions that are nit-picky about the new stuff, but if there are questions about the reports, they will reference the new report names. So you want to be comfortable with,  these audit reports what's contained in them. So tag inventory, it's the tag presence report with some insights. So just knowing what these names are and kind of knowing the contents of each of these reports and do, let me know in the chat, if you have questions about, I know we were pushing right up on time on our last one when it came to reports, if you have any questions about anything that you see on the screen exam or not.

Johnny, are you seeing the app or a slide? Okay. We're seeing the app. Good. I love to have no technical difficulties until the last, the last moment of the day. So we're looking at the dashboard here.  You want to know what each of these dashboards are. You don't need to know each of these individual widgets, it's not going to be that specific. It's going to be more of a, what does the account dashboard filter up to you? Which is general tagging insights. What is the technology dashboard focused on? Tagging insights. Insights from your audits. What is the privacy dashboard focused on?  It's focused around your tags, your cookies, your geos, your request domains. So things like that. It's all multiple choice questions, and some true or false. So you're not going to have to write in anything. You don't have to have these terms memorized, but feel familiar with them, feel like they're comfortable. 

Along with that, so there is a study guide. You can find that within the Academy, I'm just switching back between,  our slide and the Academy now to pull up the study guide. The study guide just kind of goes over what the topics are of what you should know. And it has some links to the tutorials and, and other resources. You'll probably see videos coming in here within the next couple of days as I add in our training sessions and potentially a couple of other videos that are planned. So you may see some more added to this study guide. But what you want to do is be able to go through this and feel like you're comfortable with the topics that are discussed. Like I said, not trying to get too into the weeds with it. 

And then how to take the exam. So, like I mentioned, everybody who's in this session you're going to be receiving an email within the next couple of days inviting you to the exam you'll have until the end of the year to take it.  If you need an extension on that, reach out to ObservePoint contact and we can work with you, but you'll have until the end of December basically to take it. So there's no rush on taking it right away.  If you're in the session, you'll get an invite to take it. If you know, somebody who's not in the session or you're listening to the session recorded, just reach out to your ObservePoint contact and we can get you going on the examiner, so we can get you an invite as well. What'll happen is you'll receive an email invite. It'll have a link, I believe you'll receive an invitation to the app that hosts our exam. So you can create a login, you'll receive an email invite with the link to the exam. You'll log in and it'll start right away on that link.  So it'll just roll the page where the exam starts. You'll have an hour to take it, it's 75 questions. That may be adjusted if you're nervous about the time, just let me know, I'm the exam Proctor, so we can always bump up the time it's not really a concern on our end. But there'll be 75 questions, they will adjust between times you take it. You can take it twice. So you'll have two chances to take the certification exam. If you did get more than that,  there may be a cost associated. It depends on your contract. So just talk to your ObservePoint rep, but I wouldn't stress about it. 

The point is getting mastery and then just showing that you're comfortable in the app showing that mastery. So if you have further questions or further concerns about taking it, getting access to it, whether you're prepared for it,  reach out to your ObservePoint contact, and they'll probably put you in contact with me as I'm the Proctor or the creator of this exam. But once you've taken it, the same app that hosts will show you the results.  I'm not sure if it's immediate, but it will show you the results. But also you'll be receiving an email from me with the certification, so that'll come by email. 

All right. I have about 12 minutes left.  I'm going to jump back into our app here, if you have any questions about the exam be sure to push them to Jonny, and I'll keep checking for questions here. But otherwise I'm gonna open up the app again and open up our dashboards and just talk a little bit about the new updates. So with this new update, I mentioned this in the last session, but the primary shift, and there'll be talking about this in the next session from the product team has been on the backend to change,  how the data is stored to make it easier to build reports like this. This is why we have such a big jump in adding these new dashboards and completely changing all of our audit reports, the end goal for all of these dashboards is max flexibility. So right now you're just getting new insights, but you'll see more and more releases into the app that moved towards flexibility. So eventually you will see the ability to switch out these widgets to widgets that you're interested in.  

And then further down the line, you'll see the ability to build your own widgets. We'll be adding more filters along the top as well, so right now we can only filter by audit. And we only have these options here. So we've got a domain, audit name, label, last run, we'll be adding more options within the upcoming weeks and through the rest of the quarter. So you'll only see more and more flexibility added to these out of these dashboards. That's kind of the end goal. And when it comes to that stuff,  when you're interacting with a new app, trying to learn it, trying to get familiar with it, make sure that you're taking note of any sticky points for you. If you're running into anything that is confusing or difficult to navigate, just let us know. 

Down here in our support options, we have the feedback portal. We've had this for a little bit, but make sure you're coming in here often and submitting your ideas for the product. Basically all of the updates that we received came from customer feedback. So all of the huge updates that we've had today on this big change in UI, this is customer feedback. Customers requested dark mode. They wouldn't have listened to me alone. So I have to thank all of you for continuing to request dark mode, so I get easier working on my eyes since I work with ObservePoint all day, but come into the feedback portal, submit your ideas. It doesn't have to be an idea. It can just be feedback. You can just say, Hey, on the technology dashboard, I expected to see this. Or, when I was filtering, I actually wanted to filter by this,  or I wasn't clear on how to do something. Of course, if you're lost or confused or running into something else you're ObservePoint contact can help you there, but use this Submit Idea button to reach out to our product team.  They're really excited for feedback, this was a big release for us.  So that's kind of the main goal. You can also see some of the things that we'll be working on and give feedback on those as well.  

What score should you have to pass the exam? It's going to be I believe a 75%. I'll add that to the to the study guide as well. I don't see another question besides, hopefully the screen you're seeing is the app still. Let me open up this audit report here. But I hope that helped, that on the passing of that it's going to be 75% or better. If that changes, you'll see an update in the study guide, which references specifically to it. But, if you're worried about something, like I said, you can always reach out and your contact will probably point you to me. 

Good question, Jen. Does the certification has to be renewed periodically?  It probably will change in about a year.  But my guess is that we won't be asking for a renewal until there's another big shift in the product. So,  we haven't spoken about having sort of a renewal period, but the only reason I could see us instituting one is if by the end of the year there's another really big release that changes the product. You may see added certifications for specific features. So like privacy, as it receives more features, you may see that coming down the line.  But for now,  you're definitely good to go for at least a year. We haven't spoken about a renewal period and I don't foresee instituting one. Unless, like I said, there's a really big change in how the app functions. So I hope that helps. Keep questions coming, finally getting questions today. This is good. I only had to not share my screen to prompt you to speak to me... I'm teasing. 

So within the audit reports here, like I said before, when it comes to the exam, you want to be familiar with this.  There are new things like our cookie inventory, so highlighting cookies, I would try and be familiar with things like this. So insecure cookies and same site cookies; what does that mean? Know that the cookie inventory and the cookie braiding on the audit score is related to these two things it's related to not having a same site attribute set, and not having the secure attribute on your cookie. Cause that's going to put you at risk of losing that information, basically. So that's the why of that one. 

No questions. I keep looking over. This is, this is the big question one. So if I pause it's because I want to make sure I'm catching stuff. When it comes to some of our reports like duplicates and multiples,  that's ObservePoint terminology, so you want to be familiar with that. A duplicate is a tag that is firing more than once on the same page and it's firing the exact same information. There are some use cases where that's normal. Social tags, like a Twitter, you might just have that tag in different places on the page. It's passing the same information. That's okay.  But your analytics tag, that's definitely red flag. You don't want to duplicate because then you could be getting duplicates of your account. Now multiples are going to be same tag, slightly different information firing. So you want to know the difference between these kinds of things when you're navigating the reports. What's the terminology? If there's something that you had to learn here.

Renewal, not currently in our estimation, but in about a year if the app has a huge change you might see the need for renewing the certification. When you pass it you'll be getting emailed a certification, you'll have a certificate that'll be emailed to you in the future. We'll be looking into a LinkedIn badge, but for now it's a certificate. So you'll receive that post-completion and there will be no questions related to the API. So you don't have to have full API knowledge. I think at most there's a question that asks if we have the functionality. So, you don't need to memorize that documentation. Good questions. 

In general, the certification has stuck to the website of things. There isn't a lot on the app side because some of that stuff is changing. We added in the ability to do har uploads, which is kind of new added functionality, which is similar to how live connect has functioned, but helps you get around any security concerns is the primary, sort of motivation to switch over to a har upload. So there have been changes to the apps in the app center. That's why there's not really questions focused on that.  And in general, the certification exam is only focused on things,  that are included in a base contract. So you don't need to worry if you don't have the app side of ObservePoint, or you don't have privacy. You'll probably want to know in general that we do those things. So we do app journeys, and we do things related to privacy. We have these privacy dashboards,  but anyone on a base contract, with the tools that they have, can complete the certification. 

We are coming up close on time here, any last questions, certification, or otherwise, anything that you've heard today that you have a question on? Not saying anything. Okay. So, like I said, study guide it's within the help documentation. You'll receive an email over the next couple of days giving you a login to the app that does the certification, and then an invite to the exam itself. You'll have until the end of the year to take that exam. If you need to take it again, you have a second chance. So you have two chances to take it. If you need more than that,  talk to your ObservePoint consultant. But two opportunities are within the contract. And then by the end of the year, it's an hour long timeframe of completion so it shouldn't be too time consuming. That's not the goal but that's the exam. You'll receive an email after this, if you've attended, or you can reach out to ObservePoint consultant. If you didn't see something from us they can get you hooked up there. Or if you're listening to this recording later. 

Well, thank you, Ronald, for interacting with me. We are going to go ahead and wrap up. Thanks so much for attending validate if you've attended any of my sessions today. Thanks for listening in hopefully they were useful. If you have concerns where you're not sure how to do something, you're not sure how to build anything in the app, you want training, you want training for your team, you'd like to have a couple of sessions where you can do question and answer before you take the exam, just reach out to your ObservePoint contact, they can help you out. Either they can help you themselves or they'll bring me or another expert on the call to help out with things. So,  you have all the resources at your fingertips, but the number one resource is your contact with us.  so they will always point you in the right direction and get you rolling. Thanks for attending today. And thanks for the questions.  like I said, you'll be seeing emails about the certification. Good luck to all of you. I don't think you'll need it as long as you're familiar with the app. Thanks so much, and bye.

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