Maximizing ROI from Your Analytics Implementations - Dorian Regester, Independent Advisor

Reworking analytics implementations, constantly answering doubting questions from stakeholders, and a widespread mistrust of the data are challenges many analytics teams face in their efforts to become data driven. But how do you get to the root cause of these challenges and also uncover opportunities?

This session will dive into this from a consulting perspective and show how Dorian has successfully used ObservePoint to help many organizations:

  • Implement data governance best practices and procedures
  • Establish a data governance group to enforce best practices
  • Utilize test automation to minimize human error and improve data quality


Dorian Regester

Independent Advisor

Dorian is an entrepreneur with broad experience in web analytics, digital optimization, and tag management spanning multiple verticals. He has almost 15 years of experience in the analytics industry and has been instrumental in helping clients like Harley Davidson, Ralph Lauren, and World Wrestling Entertainment streamline and optimize their analytics implementations.

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