The Future of Digital Governance & Data Insights - John Pestana, ObservePoint & Omniture

As 2020 lends speed to the race to build a better digital world, brands are doubling down on creating amazing online experiences. And the pressure is on, with 88% of customers expecting companies to accelerate their digital initiatives and 80% placing the same emphasis on flawless engagement. But these experiences are only as good as the foundational data used to build them. With the speed of the Digital Revolution the challenges surrounding data collection and usage are evolving, and ObservePoint’s leading Digital Data Governance solution is expanding to meet and anticipate your needs. This is what the future of digital governance and accurate data insights looks like.


John Pestana,

CEO & Co-founder

ObservePoint & Omniture

John Pestana is the co-founder and CEO at ObservePoint, the leader in marketing technology governance. John’s goal is to enable enterprises to focus less on manually verifying data for accuracy and more on strategic initiatives that help them increase revenue and improve customer experiences. He created ObservePoint to help companies achieve this end by bringing insight, automation, and order to the chaos of data collection. Prior to co-founding ObservePoint, John co-founded Omniture, a web analytics software company based in Orem, Utah. John helped grow Omniture from a startup business to a large company with over 1,200 employees throughout the world. Omniture went public in 2006 and then sold to software giant Adobe in 2009 where it would become Adobe Analytics.






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