Data Governance Provides a 432% ROI - Dean Davison, Forrester

Acting on accurate customer insights to drive revenue is the golden standard of marketing, but getting to that end goal with accurate, actionable data is never as simple as it seems. That’s where ObservePoint comes in. Join this lunch discussion to see how Forrester's report, The Total Economic Impact™ of ObservePoint: Cost Savings And Business Benefits Enabled By A Data Governance Solution, found that ObservePoint provides 432% ROI on its data governance solution by helping business to:

  • Improve personalization and customer experiences - leading to 5-7% conversion rate growth, with 20% of that growth directly attributable to ObservePoint
  • Increase revenue through streamlined path to purchase flow - by eliminating 75% of customer journey disruptions
  • Improve productivity - by automating QA testing and ongoing monitoring to save teams 25% of their time
  • Avoid wasting advertising budget - by testing functionality of links and tags to recapture 75% of wasted ad spend


Dean Davison

Principal Consultant


Dean serves B2B Marketing Professionals. He has extensive experience in the buy side of technology, advising customers in purchasing and implementing solutions, including interacting with CIOs on six continents. His experience also includes sell-side work in sales-focused marketing functions such as pricing strategy, competitive intelligence, product marketing, customer insights, and market analysis. Dean is a thought leader in sales enablement, helping technology vendors adapt their marketing programs to focus on a customer's business outcomes rather than product features or functions.


Andrew Geddes

Director of Customer Success


Andrew is the the Director of ObservePoint's Customer Success team, providing clients with insight and expertise on their data quality and web analytics. Andrew Geddes has worked in the SaaS industry for the past decade, previously working with large enterprise clients at Workday. As an avid sports fan you can often find Andrew watching or attending sporting events in his free time. Prior to jumping into the SaaS world he spent time in sports broadcasting at Brigham Young University, and local ESPN radio.

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