Data Privacy Regulations: Comply Now & Prepare for the Future (Americas) - Arthur Engelhard, Endurance

Being compliant with data privacy regulations not only ensures that you and your company avoid astronomical fines, but that you also generate trust between you and your customers. However, being compliant and delivering great experiences isn't easy, and it's not getting any easier. The good news is, there are solutions!

This session will walk through how to:

  • Establish processes to ensure compliance now
  • Identify privacy trends
  • Implement flexible solutions to evolve over time


Arthur Engelhard

Data Implementation Specialist

Endurance International Group

Arthur was introduced to web dev and web analytics in 2010 working for a small start up. He gained a great passion for data capture, quality, cleansing, and presentation in just a couple years. After leaving that position, Arthur worked in a regional bank focusing entirely on database administration and quality controls where he gained a great appreciation for operating at scale, but in a compliant and legal manner. In 2018, he followed his passion back to website analytics as Endurance International's Digital Data Implementation Specialist on the verge of GDPR's debut. Leveraging his past experience, his role for the last 2 years has been intensely focused on maintaining their digital marketing and analytics technologies while complying with an ever-changing and challenging legal landscape. 


Dylan Sellers

Solutions Engineer


As a Customer Solutions Engineer for ObservePoint, Dylan builds custom solutions to meet client’s data collection and reporting needs while also working as an internal technical implementation specialist. Before his current role, he was head of UX Research and Customer Education and the OP Community Slack Admin. His background is in Product & Project Management with a Bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering.

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