The ROI of ObservePoint: A Summary of Forrester's Total Economic Impact™ Study

July 14, 2020

This is a summary of Forrester's new study, The Total Economic Impact™ of ObservePoint: Cost Savings And Business Benefits Enabled By A Data Governance Solution, data governance provides a 432% ROI by helping organizations to:

  • Improve personalization and customer experiences, leading to 5-7% conversion rate growth, with 20% of that growth directly attributable to ObservePoint.
  • Increase revenue through streamlined path to purchase flow by eliminating 75% of customer journey disruptions.
  • Improve productivity by automating QA testing and ongoing monitoring to save teams 25% of their time.
  • Avoid wasting advertising budget by testing functionality of links and tags to recapture 75% of wasted ad spend.
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