The Data Layer: From Novice to Expert in 2.5 Seconds With Red Bread Lab

December 3, 2018 Marten vanZwietering

Companies that want to move in the fast lane need the right vehicle to get there. That vehicle is the data layer. 

But for some, the data layer is as understandable as the inner workings of a sports car—with no training, it can be intimidating to look under the hood. 

In this report, Marty vanZwietering of Red Bread Lab walks through the basics of the data layer then rapidly accelerates for advanced developers. Learn how to:

  • Instantiate a data layer via server-side or SPA
  • Define an ideal structure for your data layer
  • Centralize data collection within your data layer

About the Author

Marten vanZwietering

Marten vanZwietering has been working in the technical space for the last two decades, programming for a variety of retail, hospitality and marketing strategy firms. Marty currently works full-time as a web development manager and architect at The Orvis Company, an outdoor recreation and sporting goods brand, and also consults part time for a design and data company named Red Bread Lab. Marty also loves to write – his first book, <em>My Unlife: a Zombie Autobiography</em> is available now, and should be purchased immediately.

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