As the ‘Year of Big Data’ has started, U.S.-based ObservePoint Partners With France-based Optimal Ways to Help Ensure Information Companies

March 3, 2015 Admin


— ObservePoint teams with Optimal Ways to quickly fix data issues for businesses as they arise –

Orem, Utah – June, 4, 2013 – ObservePoint, a company specializing in digital analytics auditing, has its first “preferred partner” in France, ObservePoint co-founder Rob Seolas said.

Lille-based Optimal Ways works with U.S.-based ObservePoint to audit websites and quickly fix faulty data tags. Tags on websites help companies answer important questions like how well a landing page is performing or where the company should expand to next. Tools from ObservePoint save businesses time by not requiring Web analysts to manually audit digital tags on each page of a website to ensure the information is compiled correctly.

“ObservePoint was proud to name Optimal Ways our first preferred partner in France,” Seolas said. “Optimal Ways offers high-level expertise to companies throughout Europe, helping them make better-informed, data-driven decisions. At ObservePoint, we believe that data quality is very important, which makes this trans-Atlantic partnership a perfect fit.”

ObservePoint officials established their Web Analytics Experts Network with preferred partners like Optimal Ways to help companies better achieve business objectives. Using ObservePoint, Web analysts and marketing executives obtain higher quality and more reliable Web analytics data.

Without auditing their websites, marketers cannot know for certain whether the information they receive on analytics reports is accurate, said Matthew Miller, director of marketing for ObservePoint.

“With new content and increasingly frequent updates, proper Web analytics tagging is too often an afterthought,” Miller explained. “ObservePoint provides companies with tools and services that ensure the accuracy of Omniture, Google Analytics and other Web analytics platforms, so when the numbers are reported to executives, advertising partners or shareholders, they’re verified to be accurate.”

Formed in 2011, Optimal Ways helps companies maintain an accurate understanding of those who visit their websites. Optimal Ways’ offerings are organized around auditing, training, analytics and coaching services in digital analytics.

“Our mission is to empower entrepreneurs, corporations and organizations with measurement, analysis and optimization for their digital strategies,” Optimal Ways founder Nicolas Malo said. “With this partnership with ObservePoint, Optimal Ways is in a good position to provide the best possible Web analytics auditing services for companies using Adobe SiteCatalyst, AT Internet Analyzer, comScore Digital Analytix and Google Analytics on their websites.”

Tools from ObservePoint have already been used to audit several websites for customers, he added.

“With a single scan, we were able to spot the most critical issues and identify the Web pages which required further investigation,” Malo said. “Having a partnership with ObservePoint, the world’s leading solution for Web analytics quality assurance, is a great asset for our customers.”

About ObservePoint

Based in Orem, Utah, ObservePoint is the leader in web tag auditing – a critical element of web analytics. Audited web reporting resolves significant flaws in ROI analysis and executive data. ObservePoint uses a unique method of simulating network traffic at a speed and scale unparalleled in the industry to identify web analytic tag errors.


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