Wesley Hall, Senior Analytics Developer for MaassMedia, to Present at 2017 Mobile Analytics Summit

May 24, 2017 Kara Frazier

SILICON SLOPES, Utah — May 24, 2017 — ObservePoint is pleased to announce that  Wesley Hall, Senior Analytics Developer for MaassMedia, will be speaking at the 2017 Mobile Analytics Summit, hosted by ObservePoint.

The 2017  Mobile Analytics Summit  is a premiere, mobile-focused online event that brings together 5,000+ mobile app marketers and analytics leaders to learn from one another the best practices and most innovative strategies in the field. The summit will feature 20+ expert speakers who are leaders and innovators in the mobile industry.

Chris Baird, VP of Marketing at ObservePoint, said of Hall’s presentation, “Geofencing, when properly executed, provides customers with personalized offers based on location while also giving retailers important insights into customer behavior. Hall’s presentation shows examples of geofencing programs and how similar strategies could help your company.”

Hall’s session is titled, “Good Fences Make Good Customers: The Art of Geofencing,” and during this presentation, he will offer ways to evaluate if geofencing promotions are right for your business by sharing best practices from successful geofencing programs.

“Understanding customers extends far beyond traditional demographics like age and gender. Executing a highly targeted marketing campaign involves knowing how a customer acts and even thinks—and being able to respond in real-time,” Hall said. “Geofencing can be an effective way of reaching customers closer than ever to their actual purchase time.”

The event will also feature the following industry leaders:

Wesley Hall will be speaking at the Mobile Analytics Summit on June 22, 2017. Interested parties can register and attend the conference through this virtual portal:  https://www.observepoint.com/mobile-analytics-summit/.

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