Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks: From Web Analytics to Mobile Analytics

June 7, 2017 Jack Vawdrey

Mobile is crowding the limelight as more and more digital users direct their attention to mobile devices. For the marketers and analysts accustomed to a web-driven world—a world glued together by the relative predictability of the desktop computer—pivoting to participate in the mobile analytics revolution can be either intimidating or exciting, natural or uncomfortable.

But pivot they must, regardless of how they feel about it, as mobile has surpassed desktops both in usership and digital media time. And this isn’t a new trend either—mobile usership surpassed desktop usage sometime back in 2014. In the world of 2017, mobile now constitutes 60% of digital media time worldwide (app and mobile web combined). And that’s a worldwide average—in the United States mobile claims 71% of mobile media time.

It’s not news that mobile is the “new” digital scene to engage with your customers. Whether or not you’ve done anything about it is a different story.

While there are some parallels that can be drawn between mobile and web, and many of the analytical skills used for web data also have utility in the mobile realm, the nuanced differences in metrics, KPIs and user behavior will require you to get your bearings before diving in head first.

Krista Seiden, Product Manager for Firebase Analytics, has had to make that transition herself. Seiden is both a Google Analytics evangelist as well as a product manager for Firebase Analytics, a powerful mobile app analytics platform acquired by Google.

Concerning her movement into the mobile app analytics space, Seiden recently said:

“As the world moves from web to mobile to cross-platform to IOT and beyond, let’s not forget the basics. Not unlike teaching an old dog new tricks, as a web analyst I’ve had to learn to apply the knowledge I’ve gained on web to new platforms using old and new techniques to drive growth.”

Desktop still has its place—on top of your desk (or on top of your lap). But mobile is everywhere else. Consequently, marketers and analysts who effectively transition into this device category will set themselves apart as key digital influencers in their organization and among their customer base.

Seiden will be presenting “Moving from a Web to a Mobile World” at the upcoming Mobile Analytics Summit. Seiden’s presentation will be one of 20+ presentations offered by experienced mobile thought leaders and industry influencers.

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