Use Cases for Creating Value with Google Analytics

October 18, 2017 Jack Vawdrey


CheerfulAfricanmanusingcomputerandsmilingwhilesittingonthesofa.Conceptofyoungbusinesspeopleworkingathome.BlurredbackgroundSince its inception in 2005, Google Analytics has gradually increased its share of the analytics market to an impressive 68% (Datanyze, October 2017).

As the first analytics tool of its kind to offer free user behavior tracking and reporting (and being relatively easy to install and use), Google Analytics became the first choice of analytics vendor for both small business and large enterprises alike.

However, despite the rapid growth and ease of installation, analysts sometimes fail to enact the true value of the solution.

That doesn’t mean analysts don’t recognize potential value—according to an Econsultancy study, marketing leaders are 127% as likely as the mainstream to say that their data and analytics strategy is useful for decision-making at all levels of their organization.

However, knowing data and analytics is useful and putting it to work are two separate things.

The challenge is that many companies are unsure of how to turn analytics data into actionable insights and drive real change for their businesses.

Your Google Analytics solution and data will only provide value as you are able to act on data and show results. Charles Farina, Manager of Digital Analytics at Analytics Pros, echoed this idea when he stated, “Your digital analytics implementation is only as good as the actions you’ve taken from it.”

Gathering and acting on customer insights is key to making a resource investment in Google Analytics worth the effort.

Farina will be hosting a session during this year’s Analytics Summit, “Actionable Uses of Google Analytics.” His session will focus entirely on actionable analytics, specifically use cases of Google Analytics to combine qualitative and quantitative data, improve campaigns and improve websites and experiences.

Register for the 2017 Analytics Summit to gain access to Farina’s session on actionable analytics, as well as presentations from 24 other data-driven experts. Speakers will cover best practices, trends, technology, and other key concerns.

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