The Truth About Marketing Analytics

November 8, 2016 Jack Vawdrey

Light coming into dark room

a white door is left ajar bringing light into a dark roomGenerating value from marketing analytics is a challenge that many companies face. Including yours.

You continually emphasize the importance of data collection because of the need to strategize around actionable insights.

But 80% of your time is spent coercing data into spreadsheets and graphs, and only 20% of your time is ever really dedicated to strategizing.

And then what happens to that data? You drop it into a PowerPoint somewhere, and after being displayed for 15 seconds in your weekly/monthly/quarterly meeting, you move on, and the data is forgotten.

Poor data. And poor you. This whole process is something less than satisfying. But the vortex of monotonous reporting has taken its toll, leaving insights unexplained and data stories untold. Data becomes merely a chart to be made, glanced at, and discarded.

But one day a light goes on and you say to yourself, “There has to be more to it than this.”

Luckily a conveniently targeted email shows up in your inbox, reminding you that there is analytics software to help you to generate meaning from all those datasets. You set up a demo, make all the arrangements and soon become the proud owner of a shiny new marketing analytics platform, complete with custom dashboards and loads of integrations.

And yet it doesn’t solve your problems. While you are optimistic about adoption rate, the data culture at your company is not conducive to whatever it is you think data should be doing for you.

It’s a real struggle. With so many service providers and promises in the marketplace today, it’s hard to understand which marketing analytics tool might be the best fit, and what infrastructure and best practices your company needs to capitalize on it.

Matt Hertig, Co-Founder of Alight Analytics, will be presenting at the 2016 Analytics Summit  (now available on-demand), where he will share the best solutions to automate your marketing data gathering process, build repeatable dashboards and deliver actionable insights and recommendations.

Matt Hertig
Matt Hertig a picture of Matt Hertig

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