Build a Testing Optimization Center of Excellence

November 2, 2017 Jack Vawdrey

Organizations will often base the success of their testing programs on how many live tests they’re conducting at any given time. However, this simple way of understanding testing consistently yields underwhelming results for organizations. As a result, digital professionals struggle to gather and apply actionable insights that will have any real impact.

Disorganized testing programs will fail to optimize performance web and app performance, and can even completely derail testing efforts. Not to mention they can cost organizations a lot of time and money.

Inadequate testing programs remain stagnant and don’t account for the impact that small changes can have on incremental product performance.

In 2017, it’s critical for businesses to begin building testing optimization centers of excellence. Testing optimization centers of excellence foster clearer direction for testing across organizations, establish stronger communities of practice, surface actionable insights, simplify processes, focus on quality assurance, and promote continuous improvement.

Such testing centers will include a testing process that allows best ideas to surface, aligns operations around executing these ideas, and builds opportunities for digital professionals to focus on insights from data.

Concerning testing optimization centers of excellence, David Rogers, Testing, Optimization & Analytics Strategy at Slalom, said, “Without a testing program across the organization, for all departments to tap into, we lose the opportunity to develop better experiences.”

Rogers has been a leader in the digital analytics space for the past 15 years, focusing on developing best-in-class testing optimization strategies that deliver substantial business value. At this year’s Analytics Summit, Rogers will present, “How to Build a Testing Optimization Center of Excellence.” During his session, he’ll walk through components and roles necessary for a successful testing process.

Register for the 2017 Analytics Summit taking place on November 9th to gain access to the session Rogers is presenting. You’ll also gain access to 24 other data-driven professionals who will deliver their insights on best practices, technology, techniques, and trends to watch for in 2018.


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