How to Test Your Mobile SDKs with Automation

June 5, 2017 Jack Vawdrey

Data-driven mobile app owners rely on app analytics, A/B testing and attribution tools—among others—to enact an effective mobile app strategy. Made possible through the deployment of mobile SDKs, these technologies collect, manipulate and distribute data in order to fuel dashboards for stakeholders, surface personalized content for users and optimize UX.

But here’s a scary thought: what if any one of these technologies were to fail, due to a new release with conflicting or broken code, or due to a unique use case that was unaccounted for by quality assurance engineers? How would you know about the failure soon enough to resolve it before it affected the integrity of your data—or the decisions, operations and automated processes that rely on that data?

As a mobile app owner, you’re already walking on eggshells trying to keep your app relevant, engaging and easy to use. Being able to trust your mobile app data won’t just be good for your app—it’ll be good for your mental health.

Therefore, applying best practices in testing your mobile application on a regular basis is key to ensuring your mobile SDKs are functioning as expected, when expected.

Sun Sneed, Senior Product Manager at ObservePoint, recently said:

“Mobile app analysis is equally important as mobile app development—and you have to know the data you are working with is sound. In order to have a truly forward-thinking mobile app strategy, companies need to couple their mobile app analytics deployment with continuous testing of their mobile SDKs. An investment in automated mobile app testing is insurance against misguided decision-making sourced from data that’s just plain wrong.”

Mobile app data that drives decisions will only give you a leg up on the competition if you have a solid foundation built from accurate analytics data. Building that foundation requires mobile app testing.

Sun Sneed will be presenting “7 Ways to Win at Testing Your Mobile App Analytics” at the upcoming Mobile Analytics Summit, a free online event dedicated to exploring trends and thought leadership in the mobile analytics and marketing space.  Reserve your seat now to watch Sun’s session.


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Jack Vawdrey

Jack Vawdrey is a content marketing strategist and closet programmer interested in the opportunities that marketing technology and automation present for enterprises. Passionate about digital marketing, content marketing, and analytics, Jack is continuously honing his skills in these areas and relishes an opportunity to share what he's learned. Jack joined the ObservePoint marketing team in 2016 as Managing Editor and now works as a Content Marketing Consultant.

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