Summer 2014 Release Is Out!

June 23, 2014 Brad Perry

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The Summer 2014 Release was applied over the weekend. This included lots of major back-end upgrades to generally make things faster, better, and stronger. Here are the highlights:

  • New and improved free mini-audit
  • Upgraded hardware for data collection, processing, and warehousing
  • Improved system notification email system
  • Improvements in the reporting of account variables, template mode and verifications
  • Support for many new tags and the debut of our tag database
  • Email templates have been refreshed to adhere to ObservePoint corporate branding
  • Email alerts for simulations now display the alert status as part of the email subject line

Most importantly, we’ve added new Big Data technologies that will allow us to greatly enhance reporting. In the near future you’ll see even more speed, the ability to audit new things, and more ways to dig into your data.

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Brad Perry

Brad Perry has been Director of Demand Generation at ObservePoint since June 2015. He is, in his own words, “unhealthily addicted to driving marketing success” and has demonstrated his unrelenting passion for marketing in various verticals. His areas of expertise include demand generation, marketing operations & system design, marketing automation, email campaign management, content strategy, multi-stage lead nurturing and website optimization.

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