Rob English from Napkyn Analytics to Join ObservePoint for a Webinar on Data Layer Governance

March 13, 2020 Aunica Wride

SILICON SLOPES, Utah — March 13, 2019 — ObservePoint is pleased to announce they will be hosting a complimentary webinar with Napkyn Analytics, “How to Ensure a Healthy Data Layer: Data Layer Governance,” Wednesday, March 25, 11:30am EST.

Senior Implementation Specialist & GTM Practice Lead, Rob English from Napkyn Analytics and Jarrod Wilbur, Data Governance Consultant at ObservePoint, will speak on the importance of the data layer and how to implement key governance processes, automate data layer governance, and increase data quality.

Rob English is an experienced Analytics Implementation Specialist, having worked in the digital industry for over a decade. Serving as Napkyn's GTM Practice Lead, Rob is at the leading edge of Google Analytics and data layer deployment. 

Jordan Hammond is a data governance consultant responsible for world-class enterprises like Comcast, Harley-Davidson, and Texas Instruments. With a background in communications, Jordan has nourished his passion for software by spending time working for tech companies like Mozenda, NUVI, and ObservePoint.

Analysts, digital marketers, and all other interested parties can register for the webinar here.

About Napkyn Analytics

Napkyn Analytics is a leading analytics-only consultancy and one of Google's top partners for digital analytics. Based in Ottawa, Napkyn partners with marketing and IT executives at global enterprises to establish a solid foundation for data, deliver insights that drive business results, and look ahead to innovation. With a commitment to building relationships and a focus on 'properly,' Napkyn has carved out a name for itself as a Fastest Growing Company in Canada for three consecutive years.

About ObservePoint

As companies become increasingly dependent on digital data, how often do we stop to question the accuracy of the data that’s driving our business decisions?

ObservePoint empowers data-informed companies to trust their data and better serve their customers through enterprise solutions for analytics management and tag governance. Our solution is an automated platform that validates marketing tags and optimizes digital analytics implementations to give you accurate and actionable data.

Using proprietary technology to scan websites and apps for data-collection errors, ObservePoint ensures data-driven businesses are, in fact, collecting accurate data to guide their decisions and to better connect with their audience.

For more information visit Follow ObservePoint on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

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