Peter O’Neill, Founder of L3 Analytics and MeasureCamp, Scheduled to Speak at 2016 Analytics Summit

October 25, 2016 Jack Vawdrey

SILICON SLOPES, Utah – October 25, 2016 – ObservePoint is pleased to announce that Peter O’Neill, founder of L3 Analytics and MeasureCamp and Director of LeapThree, will be speaking at the first annual Analytics Summit, hosted by ObservePoint.

ObservePoint expects 5,000+ digital marketing and analytics executives, directors, managers and practitioners to attend the event.

Chris Baird, VP of Marketing at ObservePoint, said, “Every one of the speakers at this event is a heavy hitter. And their excitement is contagious. Anxious to offer actionable insights, these thought leaders are raring to help analysts, digital marketers and stakeholders who really want to make their analytics work for them, instead of the other way around.”

Peter O’Neill, founder of a rapidly expanding analytics conference known as MeasureCamp, will be offering some basic “tricks and hacks” about how to get the most out of a Google Analytics implementation.

O’Neill said, “Google Analytics is used by millions of businesses worldwide. Yet there are many functional abilities within the platform that remain unharnessed simply because people don’t know that they are available or don’t know how to use them.”

He hopes to help companies resolve that issue.

O’Neill will be joining other influential thought leaders at this event, including:



This virtual Analytics Summit is to take place November 17, 2016. Those interested in attending can register and attend the event via the virtual event portal at

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Founded by John Pestana and Rob Seolas, ObservePoint has attracted some of the brightest analytical minds in the digital data space to solve some of the industry’s most challenging problems.

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Jack Vawdrey is a content marketing strategist and closet programmer interested in the opportunities that marketing technology and automation present for enterprises. Passionate about digital marketing, content marketing, and analytics, Jack is continuously honing his skills in these areas and relishes an opportunity to share what he's learned. Jack joined the ObservePoint marketing team in 2016 as Managing Editor and now works as a Content Marketing Consultant.

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