Pairing Analytics with Qualitative Methods to Understand the WHY (Psychologist Sofa Not Included)

November 9, 2016 Kara Frazier

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an image of a green chaise lounge with a lamp beside itIn the highly quantified world of digital analytics, do you ever get so buried in data, reports and solution maintenance that you forget the why?

Why are you spending countless hours configuring variables, implementing analytics solutions, auditing for errors, cleansing the collected data and pulling reports?

Even if you look at those reports in great detail, they still only tell you what is happening, but not why.

Analytics Demystified Senior Partner Michele Kiss, “The true value of analytics comes not just from knowing what happened, but knowing why—and more importantly, how to tap into motivation to overcome the why not. It is essential to learn how to better leverage qualitative techniques, to enhance your analysis.”

In her session at the 2016 Analytics Summit, “Pairing Analytics with Qualitative Methods to Understand the Why” (now available on-demand), she will be discussing quantitative and qualitative techniques companies can leverage to get more insight into their customers’ behaviors.

(Psychologist sofa not included.)

Kiss further explains that, “Qualitative methods are not better, nor worse, than quantitative data. Together with digital analytics, qualitative data can help us round out our understanding of our customers, and be better informed to appeal to them.”

To view Kiss’ session and other sessions on-demand, visit:

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