ObservePoint Tag Debugger – Now For Google Chrome!

March 3, 2015 Admin

ObservePoint Tag Debugger

Troubleshoot & inspect all web analytics tags, variables, and on-click events. Supports SiteCat, Google Analytics, WebTrends + more.

Adds a new tab in the Chrome developer tools to enable quick finding and detailed viewing of analytics tags and other technologies on the current page.

The information displayed includes name, account, category, status, load time, and size of each tag. Additional information including the full request, POST data, and parsed variable data is also available by clicking and selecting a tag. This information is useful in helping troubleshoot analytics implementations, on-click events, and tag presence issues.

Summary data including total number of tags, tag types, and average tag load time is available in the footer.

Users can also navigate through multiple sites without clearing data by changing the ‘Clearing tags on navigation’ button at the bottom of the page to ‘Tags persist through navigation’. This will assist in troubleshooting on-click events and cross-domain tracking.

A download of the currently displayed data is available, though currently may be limited by the size of the data in the panel. This should be downloaded to the users standard download directory as observepoint.tab. This feature is still in testing so it’s possible users could experience small issues, especially with large exports.

ObservePoint Tag Debugger is an excellent alternative for web analysts who may currently use one or more of the following: WASP, Charles, Fiddler, OmniBug, SiteCat Debugger, Omniture Debugger, DigitalPulse Debugger, or the older ObservePoint Firefox Plugin.

  1. Install the tag debugger from the Google Chrome Web Store.
  2. Ensure the extension is enabled by selecting Tools -> Extensions, and verifying the ObservePoint Tag Debugger is enabled.
  3. Open the Chrome Javascript console. On Windows and Linux, press Control-Shift-J. On Mac, press Command-Option-J.
  4. Select the ObservePoint panel.
  5. Refresh the page you are on.
  6. Rate the plugin in the web store!

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