ObservePoint Joins Adobe’s Enterprise Solution Partner Program

March 3, 2015 Admin


— ObservePoint is the only web analytics and tag auditing provider in Adobe’s Partner Program —

London and Provo, Utah – Tuesday, April 23, 2013 – Today at Adobe’s Digital Marketing Summit in London, web analytics and tag auditing company, ObservePoint, announced it has joined Adobe’s Enterprise Solution Partner Program. ObservePoint is the only web analytics and tag auditing solution provider listed in the program.

With ObservePoint as a partner, Adobe customers now have a trusted and validated web analytics and tag auditing solution to complement Adobe™ SiteCatalyst™ to test and ensure that their web data is true and accurate.

“Web analytics data is such a vital cog in the marketing machine, and we’re excited to be an Adobe partner to help improve the accuracy of its customers’ analytics data,” said Rob Seolas, co-founder and CEO of ObservePoint. “This is just the first step in a long-term partnership and we believe we’ll be able to reach more customers and help them resolve the web data problems that plague them.”

Tag auditing is the critical process of ensuring that web tags are functioning properly and reporting accurate data. Web tags are constantly altered by content and programming changes despite tag management efforts. ObservePoint uses a unique method of “firing” web tags during audits and consistently simulating network traffic to ensure proper functionality and alert customers when a tag isn’t working correctly.

Through auditing millions of web pages each year, ObservePoint has found that on average a startling 20 percent of web pages have tags that don’t report correctly even though they are displayed on the page.

Earlier this year, ObservePoint was named a Technology of the Year finalist by the Digital Analytics Association (DAA) for its sophisticated simulation engine that allows web analysts to test, from a measurement perspective, how traffic and its specific pathing and conversions will be reported.

For more information about ObservePoint and its partnership with Adobe, visit http://www.observepoint.com/adobe

About ObservePoint

Based in Orem, Utah, ObservePoint is the leader in web tag auditing – a critical element of web analytics. Audited web reporting resolves significant flaws in ROI analysis and executive data. ObservePoint uses a unique method of simulating network traffic at a speed and scale unparalleled in the industry to identify web analytic tag errors.


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