ObservePoint Announces Newest QA Automation Feature—Web Journey Manager

February 28, 2019 Ashley Smoot


SILICON SLOPES, Utah — February 28, 2019 — ObservePoint, the premier solution for governing analytics and marketing tags, is pleased to introduce its newest feature, Web Journey Manager—an easy to use Chrome browser extension that enables ObservePoint customers to build and edit user journeys without any JavaScript knowledge (we build all the JavaScript functions for you!).

“We noticed throughout the industry, that one of the largest pain points was the ability for our users to monitor their most critical action paths,” said Connor Schultze, Product Manager at ObservePoint. “Before, this required the maintenance of automated test scripts and the highly manual act of looking-through logs to make sure that the data required was being sent correctly. Now, with the Web Journey Manager, a simple Chrome extension, all actions will be captured and your marketing technology will be shown on the fly. So you will be able to create rules in real-time to ensure that the data you want will be collected and sent back correctly.”

ObservePoint automates digital marketing quality assurance processes, verifying the presence and performance of analytics tags and critical functionalities on digital properties and mobile apps. This helps busy digital analysts and digital marketers by removing the need to manually audit marketing technologies and user journeys across thousands of pages, giving them more time to analyze data reports and strategize with accurate marketing data.

With the Web Journey Manager, ObservePoint customers can interact with websites exactly like their visitors would in order to create rules for each specific action as they click through the site. They will have the ability to monitor their most critical paths and be alerted immediately if any path goes down.

The Web Journey Manager also allows ObservePoint customers to import existing web journeys from their ObservePoint account and duplicate tests in just a few clicks. With such a quick and easy tool, digital analytics and marketing teams can reduce costs of deployment and provide higher and faster ROI on martech implementations and digital properties.

To learn more about how Web Journey Manager can help your team monitor and maintain your critical user journeys, visit the Web Journey Manager feature page.

About ObservePoint

As companies become increasingly dependent on digital data, how often do we stop to question the accuracy of the data that’s driving our business decisions?

ObservePoint empowers data-informed companies to trust their data and better serve their customers through enterprise solutions for analytics management and tag governance. Our solution is an automated platform that validates marketing tags and optimizes digital analytics implementations to give you accurate and actionable data.

Using proprietary technology to scan websites and apps for data-collection errors, ObservePoint ensures data-driven businesses are, in fact, collecting accurate data to guide their decisions and to better connect with their audience.

For more information visit www.observepoint.com. Follow ObservePoint on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

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