ObservePoint Announces New Product Launch—CampaignAssurance

March 14, 2019 Ashley Smoot

SILICON SLOPES, Utah — March 14, 2019 — ObservePoint, the automated martech governance platform for your digital analytics implementations, is pleased to introduce its newest product, CampaignAssurance (now called Touchpoints)—a versatile solution that enables you to define tracking parameters, build campaign URLs, and validate the functionality of your campaign tracking—all in one centralized interface.

“As digital marketers and analysts can attest, there’s no easy way to consistently create and manage campaign tracking codes or validate landing page tracking within an organization,” said Brandon Watson, Product Manager at ObservePoint. “ObservePoint’s newest product, CampaignAssurance, provides a centralized UI for creating uniform tracking code and testing to make sure it’s fully functional before your campaign launches. Now users will have the ability to easily govern tracking codes across all departments and campaign channels.”

ObservePoint is an automated martech governance platform that ensures organizations are collecting accurate data from their marketing stack to make better-informed business decisions. By implementing CampaignAssurance, anyone who creates and manages campaign tracking codes in an organization can validate those codes and improve attribution in order to create more effective campaigns.

CampaignAssurance allows users to create custom templates for each team that builds tracking codes—including or excluding tracking elements and organizing how they’re structured throughout the organization.

By validating these marketing campaign codes within an organization, CampaignAssurance helps to report confidently on campaign ROI, spot rogue campaign codes, and ensure landing pages are working correctly. CampaignAssurance provides a single solution to monitor active or inactive campaigns and receive alerts for campaigns that do not pass inspection.

Request a demo to see how CampaignAssurance can enable your team to:

  • Create campaigns with consistent tracking codes that provide accurate reports
  • Validate that tracking codes and classifications are properly deployed before and after the campaign goes live
  • Receive notification when a code does not pass inspection
  • And monitor all campaign codes to ensure accurate attribution

About ObservePoint

As companies become increasingly dependent on digital data, how often do we stop to question the accuracy of the data that’s driving our business decisions?

ObservePoint empowers data-informed companies to trust their data and better serve their customers through enterprise solutions for analytics management and tag governance. Our solution is an automated platform that validates marketing tags and optimizes digital analytics implementations to give you accurate and actionable data.

Using proprietary technology to scan websites and apps for data-collection errors, ObservePoint ensures data-driven businesses are, in fact, collecting accurate data to guide their decisions and to better connect with their audience.

For more information visit www.observepoint.com. Follow ObservePoint on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.


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