ObservePoint Adds Support for Auditing Online Marketing Technology Tags

March 3, 2015 Admin

Marketers can now be confident in their digital data with the addition of support for 50 new marketing tags 

Orem, Utah – December 10, 2013 – With the growing need for marketers to track and manage data coming from multiple technology sources, ObservePoint today announced auditing support for more than 50 online marketing technology tags.  Audit support for these technologies will give marketers more accurate data and error-free insight into the effectiveness of all online marketing campaigns.

New tags ObservePoint now supports include RichRelevance, Adometry, Monetate, MediaMath, Rubicon, Criteo, Adconion, BlueKai, AdRoll, and RadiumOne, among others.

“While our background is in the web analytics space, we are increasingly asked to help marketers audit other types of online marketing technologies,” said Matthew Miller, ObservePoint’s Director of Marketing. “With the ability to track and audit these online marketing tags we are able to serve marketers like never before and give them confidence in all the data they are collecting and not just web analytic data.”

In a February 2013 draft on Site Tagging Best Practices, the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) Data Council admonished publishers to pressure both ad and analytic firms to disclose if and what data they collect and share with third parties.

“While tags can add value to a site, increased tagging may also create technical and operational challenges for the site,” said the report. “Tags provide substantial value to site owners, but may create negative impacts if tags are mismanaged or there is a lack of awareness as to their function and ability to transfer data. Planning, implementation, and maintenance of tags are imperative to establish healthy workflow practices and procedures and to ensure security in page performance, data control, and privacy compliance.”

ObservePoint’s latest update gives advertisers and publishers the ability to audit what advertising tags are on the site and the information that is being passed to third parties. Additionally, it ensures that accurate measurements are given to advertisers so they know that their money is being spent correctly without inflation.

Continued Miller, “In this era of data-driven marketing there is a growing concern within many companies that data quality is being overlooked and that there needs to be more control over data stewardship within the marketing departments. ObservePoint functionally tests and assesses the data collection technologies and protects the ROI of all online marketing technology.”

For more information about ObservePoint and its products, visit http://www.observepoint.com.

About ObservePoint

Based in Orem, Utah, ObservePoint is the leader in web tag auditing – a critical element of web analytics. Audited web reporting resolves significant flaws in ROI analysis and executive data. ObservePoint uses a unique method of simulating network traffic at a speed and scale unparalleled in the industry to identify web analytic tag errors.


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