No Dev Resources? No Problem! Technical Hacks for Analysts

November 10, 2016 Jack Vawdrey

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an empty classroom with white chairs and wallsYou want to take your data analysis to the next level, but expertise in the technical department is not your strongest suit. Relying on others to deploy your code has lost its charm, if it ever had any.

You know how to analyze data, and you know what metrics you need. But here you are, anxious for insights, and you don’t know how to properly collect the intricate datasets you’re looking for.

From tool implementation to reporting and analysis automation, there are points of friction and outright blockers that many analytics professionals feel are out of their hands due to the technical nature of these tasks. While some organizations have ample developer support available to their analysts as needed, most struggle with how to work around their resource gap in the near term.

As an analyst, being able to implement your own analytics tools to generate actionable insights for a customer-centric, customer-enlightened strategy would be a game-changer.

Lori McNeill, Chief Technical Adviser to Riptide Analytics, recently said, “Empowered digital analysts who can collect data for their own discovery purposes will be impactful contributors to their organizations. Fostering a culture of self-sufficiency will help companies break down departmental barriers and inefficient operational processes.”

At the 2016 Analytics Summit, Lori McNeill will be presenting “No Dev Resources? No Problem! 6 Technical Hacks for Analytics Practitioners,” a discussion on how analytics practitioners can start to dip their feet in more technical waters (video now available on-demand).

McNeill said about this prevalent problem in the analytics community, “I’ve experienced the struggle of being painfully unfamiliarized with data collection processes. But thankfully I was able to hack my way through to understanding. In this presentation I will be walking participants through some of my most used ‘hacks’ for increased self-sufficiency in getting the data they need, transforming data into something they will use, and saving time with ‘lite’ automation.”

The 2016 Analytics Summit   was an online event hosting 25+ analytics thought leaders and took place November 17, 2016. View the agenda here.

Lori McNeill
Lori McNeill a picture of Lori McNeill

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