New Research By Lima Consulting Group and ObservePoint Shows Top E-Tailers Are Underserved in the Quality of Their Tag Implementations

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— According to the report, 93 percent of the top 100 companies from 2012 Internet Retailer 500 have incomplete tag implementations —

Orem, Utah – October 15, 2013 – In an effort to measure the return on marketing technology, Lima Consulting Group and ObservePoint has conducted the first in a series of research to identify the speed and breadth at which tags are being deployed to assist marketers in the e-retailer space. ObservePoint and Lima Consulting audited almost 48,000 pages – a sample of about 500 pages for web site.  

The research report titled “The ROI of Marketing Technologies: How the Internet Retailer 100 Stack Up” is the first of its kind to look under the hood of the top e-retailers’ sites and assess how each company is deploying and managing their marketing data.

To see the visual results of the report, view our infographic here.

How it was conducted

In May 2013, Lima Consulting Group (LCG), an online marketing strategy firm, and ObservePoint, a web analytics and tag auditing company, audited the top 100 companies from the 2012 Internet Retailer 500 list using ObservePoint’s advanced tag auditing solution.

Tag auditing is a systematic, comprehensive evaluation of the current tag configuration on a web site. When an audit is performed, tag-auditing software “crawls” a web site, and executes all of the code on every page. This helps accurately test and confirm the function and configuration of every tag on every page. Tag auditing improves results of marketing technologies deployed within the ever-increasing ecosystem of tag-based marketing solutions. 


Lima Consulting Group and ObservePoint conducted the research for the following purposes:

  • Gain deeper insights on how companies that have a TMS are outperforming those that don’t
  • Learn best practices about TMS deployments
  • Gain insight on the correlation between load times and site overhead

Key Findings

After conducting the audit and compiling the data, Lima Consulting Group’s experts distilled the data into the following findings:

  • Senior marketers are willing to pay a premium in order to improve confidence in their data.
  • The IR100 is underserved in the quality of their tag implementations
  • Companies with tag management systems are reducing load times, JavaScript errors, and data duplication more than those without a TMS
  • Pure-player TMSes outperformed the free solutions

The research report is available for download at Lima Consulting’s Infographics Page. Companies included in the research can request a copy of the findings through the IR 100 Marketing Technologies.

About Lima Consulting Group

Founded in 2004, Lima Consulting Group helps organizations develop, deploy and measure effective digital marketing strategies. LCG uses proven methodologies and best-practices to optimize acquisition, conversion, retention and engagement and maximize our clients’ return on marketing technologies. LCG uses a multi-disciplinary approach with experts in strategy, data science, business intelligence, digital marketing and technology while providing these services in the languages spoken throughout the Americas.  With regional offices in Philadelphia and São Paulo, Brazil, LCG provides local services with world-class expertise.

About ObservePoint

Based in Orem, Utah, ObservePoint is the leader in web tag auditing – a critical element of web analytics. Audited web reporting resolves significant flaws in ROI analysis and executive data. ObservePoint uses a unique method of simulating network traffic at a speed and scale unparalleled in the industry to identify web analytic tag errors.


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