Striking the Mobile App Marketing Motherlode in a Saturated Market

June 15, 2017 Jack Vawdrey


mobile-app-marketing-motherlodeMobile app marketing done right is the consequence of robust data analysis that digs deep into consumer data. The best opportunities rarely lie on the surface—companies that hope to rely on low-hanging fruit to compete in the mobile app market will quickly dry up their assets, and will either have to adapt or die.

The lack of easy wins in the mobile app world is the result of a highly saturated mobile app market, making it extremely hard to cut through the noise and have acquisition dashboards be up and to the right. To give you an idea of the challenge to acquire users, 90% of apps in the iOS App store don’t even have high enough usership to warrant being indexed for organic search and discovery.

And acquisition isn’t the only challenge—retention is a serious threat to marketer’s efforts, as 22% of users only ever open an app once.

With only so many available mobile users on fragmented devices and platforms with limited storage space and data availability, opportunities are scarce and churn is rampant.

It’s no longer possible to be an early arriver in the mobile app market—10 years have passed since the genesis of app marketplaces, and there are now a combined 5M apps in the two principal app stores. The companies that will be able to establish a foothold with their mobile application will be the ones who innovate using robust data collected from their user base.

The mobile app marketing motherlode is uncovered using best practices that fuel creative marketing strategy. Aaron Sawitsky, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Localytics, recently said, “The insights hidden in your app’s analytics can unlock a goldmine of new, highly effective marketing opportunities.”

The trick is knowing how to uncover these insights in the mountain of data. At the upcoming Mobile Analytics Summit, a free online event, Sawitsky will be presenting “Using App Analytics to Improve Your Marketing,” a discussion of how to use analytics data to identify opportunities that drive growth.

Register for the event to hear from Sawitsky and other mobile app marketing and analytics professionals.

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Aaron Sawitsky Aaron Sawitsky Mobile Analytics Summit

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