Moving Beyond Acquisition – Measuring Mobile Experience

June 9, 2017 Jack Vawdrey


Moving-Beyond-Acquisition-Measuring-Mobile-ExperienceWe live in an experience economy, where people increasingly spend more and more money on experiences over physical commodities. This trend is echoed in the mobile app world where users judge the utility of a mobile application based on how delightful the mobile experience is.

To put it another way, people expect Disneyland in an app. While your product or service in and of itself may be of a high quality, top-of-the-line, industry standard, unfortunately people don’t seem to care unless the experience surrounding your product is simply delightful.

But while consumers may be pickier than ever, they are also much more connected. Just to give you an idea, the average mobile user touches her phone more than 2,600 times per day.

This state of hyper-connectivity provides ample opportunity for mobile analysts, marketers, designers and developers to capitalize on the data their users provide.

Unfortunately many app owners can’t see the forest for the trees, focusing principally on acquisition metrics, rather than expanding their portfolio of mobile app measurment to encompass the entire mobile app customer journey.

This is really a shame, as the acquisition phase is only a small segment of the customer journey. Customer loyalty and advocacy—key drivers of predictable revenue streams—are accomplished as users are repeatedly delighted by an app for many days following their initial download.

Eric Myers, Senior Analytics Implementation & Management Consultant at Keystone Solutions, recently said, “The value of mobile measurement can’t be quantified only in terms of acquisition but must be uncovered an experience at a time as you listen to your unique customer experience at all phases of your customer’s journey from introduction to advocacy.”

Tracking how your customers engage with your app could be a windfall in identifying key opportunities to extend customer lifetimes and maximize engagement.

Myers will be presenting “Moving Beyond Acquisition – Measuring Mobile Experience” at the upcoming Mobile Analytics Summit, an online event dedicated to exploring recent trends and thought leadership in the mobile marketing and analytics space. Register for the event now to hear from more than 20 mobile thought leaders and industry influencers.

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