How MarTech Management Closes The Data Governance Loop

October 26, 2017 Jack Vawdrey


Usinginnovativetechnologies.MixedmediaMyriad MarTech solutions have surfaced over the past two years as the market for data-driven businesses has grown. Over the last year alone, the MarTech scene has exploded from around  3,874 marketing technology solutions to around 5,381—a 39% increase. These solutions handle a variety of company needs, including:

  • Advertising & Promotions
  • Content & Experience
  • Social & Relationships
  • Commerce & Sales
  • User Data, Analytics, and Customer Data
  • Talent, Product, Project, Vendor, and Financial Management

While MarTech adoption is the key to digital transformation, many businesses are still failing to deliver the quality data needed to drive real results. Why? Because even though C-suite leadership and marketing teams are discovering they need to govern their data to ensure that it’s accurate and complete, they may fail to first govern their MarTech strategy.

When companies use multiple solutions simultaneously, they often generate conflicting, overlapping or redundant data. Such factors make it difficult for marketing technologists to govern data across so many MarTech solutions.

If marketing technologists aren’t converging clean and enriched data from their MarTech solutions, they aren’t going to be able to drive real results.

Marketing technologists need to begin to build their data governance practices on a strong MarTech strategy in 2018.

Recently, Ken Holladay, Senior WebAssurance™ Product Manager at ObservePoint, stated:

“Governing data that doesn’t have the right question attached to it doesn’t do you any good. You need a strong MarTech strategy to build a mature data governance practice on.”

Discover how marketing technologists should focus their efforts to generate clean, enriched data, innovative strategy, and a goals-oriented technology stack when Holladay presents “How MarTech Management Closes The Data Governance Loop” on November 9, 2017.

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