Keeping Your Analytics Clean and Consistent Across Business Units

November 4, 2016 Kara Frazier

Man standing on a stool drawing world map

a man draws on a chalkboard map of the worldOne of the biggest problems organizations face when it comes to their marketing data is effectively deploying and maintaining their analytics solutions across various business units.

With thousands of employees, including hundreds to thousands of users on your analytics solution, different consultancies, agencies, business units and teams doing physical deployments across dozens of websites, hundreds of different web sections, regions, etc.—it’s impossible for one small data governance team to manually manage.

As Daryl Acumen, Senior Manager of Digital Analytics at Hewlett Packard Enterprise, puts it, “If your analytics implementations are inconsistent, your data is useless. You need to audit your analytics implementations across all properties and business units. You need to validate your data. You need to automate the process.”

Acumen is scheduled to discuss this issue further at the 2016 Analytics Summit hosted by ObservePoint on November 17 (videos now available on-demand). His presentation, “Keeping Your Analytics Clean and Consistent Across Business Units,” covers threats inherent in maintaining universal analytics across various business units and demonstrates why it is critical to audit your deployments and even how to automate the process.

The Analytics Summit is an innovative online event that will bring together 5,000+ registrants to hear from 30+ experienced thought leaders, and is anticipated to be an exceptional opportunity for analytics executives, directors, managers and practitioners to glean valuable insights from industry influencers.

“The lesson here is that we’re smart people, but we’re not clairvoyant, we’re not perfect, and things aren’t always caught in our manual QA. You need to have some sort of governance plan to catch them before, during and after-the-fact—preferably automatically,” Acumen adds.

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