Integrate Online Data with Enterprise Data for Best Results

October 10, 2017 Jack Vawdrey

Global business investments in data and analytics are projected to surpass $203 billion as soon as 2020.

With such high stakes in digital investments, digital and marketing analysts can no longer afford to work in silos with data that only covers what happens from within the clickstream. They must extend their visibility beyond the online digital channel to address the entire enterprise.

To make the most of investments in technology and achieve a full-fledged, data-driven organization, companies need to integrate data from all core enterprise functions, including sales, marketing, supply chain, merchandising, customer experiences, among others.

When data isn’t viewed within the context of the enterprise as a whole, the most accurate digital data can still lead to poor business decisions. Consequently, any adequate analytics strategy going into 2018 will aggregate sources of data from different places within the enterprise to better understand the digital data stream and to make better business decisions overall.

Developing a strategy across an entire enterprise is the best way to build effective digital capabilities that positively affect the enterprise. Data-driven leaders are relying on integrated data to make decisions that contribute to the growth of their bottom lines, such as cutting back on travel expenses, improving employee performance and increasing sales.

Colin Temple, Director of Analytics Solutions for Napkyn Analytics, recently stated:

“Digital analysts and marketers have become very skilled at measuring just about everything that falls under their domain, but few have much visibility beyond the digital channel. By marrying digital data with enterprise context, their insights into the bottom line, and their contributions to it, improve dramatically.”

Colin Temple will discuss in detail how you can improve your bottom line with digital data that’s integrated with enterprise context in his talk “Digital in Context: Integrating Business Data in 2018.” The talk will take place during the 2017 Analytics Summit on November 9th.

Register for the Analytics Summit to gain access to Colin Temple’s insights, as well as the insights of 24 other prominent speakers, discussing best practices, trends, technologies and key concerns for data-driven organizations.


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