Grant Simmons, Director of Client Analytics at Kochava, to Present at ObservePoint’s Mobile Analytics Summit

June 15, 2017 Kara Frazier

SILICON SLOPES, Utah — June 16, 2017 — ObservePoint is pleased to announce that Grant Simmons, Director of Client Analytics at Kochava, will be speaking at the 2017 Mobile Analytics Summit.

The Mobile Analytics Summit is a premiere, online event that brings together 5,000+ mobile app marketers and app analytics professionals in a virtual forum to hear from 20+ leaders and innovators in the field of mobile and app analytics.

Simmon’s session, “Focused Analysis For Better Marketing Decisions,” focuses on ways to improve analysis of your already existing data to receive better insights and save costs.

“Reviewing dozens of client accounts has revealed that most advertisers can expect to save between 10% and 35% on their mobile ad spend, simply by analyzing the data they are already tracking,” Simmons said about his presentation topic.

“Attribution data already holds many insights,” Chris Baird, VP of Marketing at ObservePoint. “Simmons talks about ways to eliminate unneeded spending, improve targeting precision, and understand mean-time to install (MTTI) by network in order to gain better actionable insights when it comes to your data.”

The 2017 Mobile Analytics Summit will also host the following professionals:

Grant Simmons will speak at the Mobile Analytics Summit on June 22, 2017. This conference is free to attend. To register, follow the online portal here:

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ObservePoint’s Data Quality Assurance solution ensures that customer data is accurately collected, utilized, and safeguarded, giving your organization the confidence to make better decisions based on better data.

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