Glen Horsely from RIVN to Join ObservePoint's Mike Fong for Webinar on Data Privacy

December 17, 2019 Aunica Wride

SILICON SLOPES, Utah — December 17, 2019 — ObservePoint, the pioneer of automated digital analytics testing and tag governance, is pleased to announce a joint webinar with Glen Horsely, COO and Co-Founder of RIVN, on “Data Privacy Regulations: Complying Now and Preparing for the Future.” 

Data privacy laws have become increasingly strict, and those enforcing these regulations mean business. In addition, Customers are looking for companies that they can trust with their data that will still offer them great experiences. These changes have been leaving digital marketers and analysts wondering how to adjust and comply now, while also preparing for the future.

In this webinar, Glen Horsely and Mike Fong, Senior Consultant and Solutions Engineer at ObservePoint, will discuss the current trends in digital privacy and how to prepare for future changes in data privacy. Attendees will discover how to:

  • Be compliant with current data privacy regulations
  • Establish flexible compliance processes
  • Implement technologies to automate compliance
  • Prepare for future data privacy regulations

Watch the full webinar here.

Glen leads operations at RIVN including growth strategy, customer support, and retention. His focus over the past decade has been around helping companies optimize their customer data to improve customer experience and grow revenue. Glen has been focused on helping to create lasting clients and partner relationships, and has the unique ability to quickly understand complicated problems and offer easy to implement solutions.

As a Senior Consultant and Solutions Engineer on ObservePoint’s EMEA team in London, Mike has been integral in ensuring ObservePoint users are getting the highest quality data from their marketing technologies. With over 10 years in the analytics world, Mike is an expert when it comes to data analytics, SQL, problem solving, and spreading all good vibes.

About RIVN

RIVN was created to help companies meet compliance standards for regulations such as GDPR and CCPA with respect to consumer deletion functionality. RIVN’s API based functionality along with consulting services combine to make sure companies large and small can protect themselves from financial penalties.

About ObservePoint

As companies become increasingly dependent on digital data, how often do we stop to question the accuracy of the data that’s driving our business decisions?

ObservePoint empowers data-informed companies to trust their data and better serve their customers through enterprise solutions for analytics management and tag governance. Our solution is an automated platform that validates marketing tags and optimizes digital analytics implementations to give you accurate and actionable data.

Using proprietary technology to scan websites and apps for data-collection errors, ObservePoint ensures data-driven businesses are, in fact, collecting accurate data to guide their decisions and to better connect with their audience.

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