Cognetik’s CEO Daniel Herdean to Present at ObservePoint’s 2017 Analytics Summit

October 25, 2017 Lisi Hong

SILICON SLOPES, Utah — October 24, 2017 — ObservePoint is honored to announce that Daniel Herdean, CEO of Cognetik, will be presenting at ObservePoint’s 2017 Analytics Summit.

The Analytics Summit is an online event that brings together digital marketing and analytics professionals from around the world, taking place on November 9th. Presentations will address this year’s topic “Strategies for Success in 2018.”

Chris Baird, VP of Marketing at ObservePoint, said concerning the event, “The Analytics Summit allows us to host the top analytics minds along with thousands of attendees. The event is a special opportunity for data professionals worldwide to build up their insights portfolio and optimize their organizations using data.”

Herdean, one of the 27 data-driven professionals presenting at the Analytics Summit, will focus on combining multiple data sources in order to tell the whole story and find transformational insights.

Of his topic, Herdean said, “Data never lies. Data is going to tell the truth, and if you’re going to follow the data correctly, you can have some amazing results. How you combine multiple data sources to tell a compelling, insight rich story is easier than you may think. Once you do, you may find great optimization opportunities that can generate millions of dollars in incremental revenue.”

The current lineup of Analytics Summit speakers includes:

Herdean will speak at the Analytics Summit on November 9, 2017. To register and attend this online event, follow this virtual portal:

About ObservePoint

ObservePoint offers a premier Data Quality Assurance Platform, automatically verifying web tag performance and improving digital data quality for the world’s leading enterprises.

ObservePoint’s proprietary DataAssurance™ technology works with virtually every marketing technology to ensure accurate data collection across all channels and devices. The platform validates data collection from analytics, advertising tags, tag management systems and other data collectors automatically.

Founded by John Pestana and Rob Seolas, ObservePoint has attracted some of the brightest analytical minds in the digital data space to solve some of the industry’s most challenging problems.

For more information visit Follow ObservePoint on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

About Cognetik:

Cognetik is an independent, results-driven digital analytics consultancy. With over 50 analysts, engineers and data scientists employed in US, Europe and Asia, the company provides professional services across the entire Digital Analytics stack.

Our consultants’ expertise in Adobe Analytics, Google Analytics, Tableau, Redshift, SQL, R, Python, etc. has helped a number of Fortune 500 companies generate millions of dollars in incremental revenue, including Sears, eBay, Target, Mazda, McDonald’s, Kohler, Pizza Hut,  and many more.

Passionate about solving industry gaps, our team has also built two community-acclaimed products that are freely available to analysts and marketers worldwide: (1) the Cognetik Cloud Connector – which freely integrates cloud data into your Tableau dashboard, and (2) Data Streams – which allows analysts to migrate cloud data to their data warehouse of choice, with zero costs.

Cognetik’s management, consulting, product and support teams operate in the US from Raleigh (HQ) – NC, Florida, Georgia, California and Washington, and in Europe from Romania. The company’s services  range from measurement strategy, data collection and automated reporting, to product analysis, personalization, predictive analytics, marketing analytics, marketing automation, etc. For more information visit, or follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook.

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