Expanding Your Vision With Adobe Analytics LABS and 1-800-Contacts

October 12, 2015

As Geoffrey Moore put it, “Without big data analytics, companies are blind and deaf, wandering out onto the web like deer on a freeway.”

Quality data provides the visualization and transparency organizations need to make strategic and agile decisions in today’s market.

The ability to look deeply into your web analytics architecture requires a knowledge of the best practices surrounding each tool – which is what the Adobe Analytics LABS seeks to arm each of its attendants with.

Created to explore, establish and evangelize the best practices surrounding data governance within Adobe Analytics solutions, the Adobe Analytics LABS is touring the United States, holding events where keynote speakers, local leaders and analytics practitioners share insight and learn from one another.

After starting in Chicago, the Adobe Analytics LABS tour made their second stop at the Adobe campus in Lehi, Utah, where LABS attendees heard presentations by representatives from 1-800-Contacts and ObservePoint.

Steve Evans and Jesse Brimhall of 1-800-Contacts, the largest retailer of contact lenses in the United States, presented ways to build reports, organize data, and implement strategies in executing better analytics audits.

Know what you are looking at

Evans and Brimhall emphasized that to have true visibility into the value of your web analytics data, you must know what you are looking at.

This point is especially salient as more and more consumers begin to interact with the mobile sites and apps of an organization. In fact, new research on mobile behavior indicates that consumers spend 85% of time on their smartphones in apps.

Evans and Brimhall highlighted the importance in keeping mobile and desktop tags separate when running an Adobe Analytics audit so the data from each can be handled correctly and applied to strategy as needed.

Know who could be looking at your data

Following the presentation by 1-800-Contacts, Clint Eagar of ObservePoint, discussed best practices on avoiding data leakage both externally and internally.

Because data leaks can occur through many avenues, including 3rd party tags, employee negligence or unauthorized internal access to data sheets, companies must be prepared to prevent data leakage at all costs.

Explaining that regular audits are crucial to data leak prevention, Eager said, “Most companies don’t audit their users, allowing competitors direct access to their data.”

With dozens, to even hundreds, of tags often firing from a single web page, the task to manually audit not only the tag presence, but ownership and access granted with each tag can be monumental. Automated data quality assurance platforms can make the task more feasible by continually crawling a site to identify any tag performance issues or potential data leaks.

Looking around the room

Of course, one of the highlights of the LABS events is the opportunity attendees have to simply look around the room and learn from one another.

Analytics veterans and newcomers alike all joined in discussions about the challenges of auditing and tightening user access.

Looking ahead

The Adobe Analytics LABS tour moves on to the East Coast next, with plans to hold events in Boston, New York and DC.

For information on attending a LABS event as a participant or keynote speaker, please email all inquiries to analyticslabs@observepoint.com.


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