Eric Myers, Senior Solutions Consultant at Keystone Solutions, to Present at Mobile Analytics Summit

June 9, 2017 Kara Frazier

SILICON SLOPES, Utah — June 9, 2017 — ObservePoint is pleased to announce that Eric Myers, Senior Solutions Consultant at Keystone Solutions, will present at the 2017 Mobile Analytics Summit.

Myer’s session, “Moving Beyond Acquisition – Measuring Mobile Experience,” offers better ways to define the customer experience measurement strategy and move toward actionable insight.

“The value of mobile measurement can’t be quantified only in terms of acquisition but must be uncovered an experience at a time as you listen to your unique customer experience at all phases of your customer’s journey from introduction to advocacy,” Myer’s said about his session.

The Mobile Analytics Summit, hosted by ObservePoint, brings over 5,000 mobile app marketers and analytics professionals together to hear 20+ movers and shakers in the field of mobile analytics. The event is free and hosted online.

“In the world of mobile app marketing, it can be easy to focus only on acquisition flow or funnel, but to be successful, it is essential to combine data from across the consumer’s entire journey to lead to better actionable insights,” said Chris Baird, VP of Marketing at ObservePoint. “Myers presentation focuses on ways to see the whole picture and create a more holistic view of your mobile customers.”

The Mobile Analytics Summit will also host the following leaders in the field:

Eric Myers will present at the Mobile Analytics Summit on June 22, 2017. To register to attend this free event, follow this online portal:

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