Embrace Machine Learning or Be Left Behind

November 1, 2017 Jack Vawdrey

We’re in the midst of a digital revolution that has fundamentally changed a customer’s digital journey and how we measure the data associated with that journey—a digital revolution charged by cognitive computing, a.k.a. artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Long gone are the days when digital marketers have to rely on outdated and inconsistent data to target a vague audience they didn’t know much about. Now, a digital marketer’s potential for reaching the right prospect at the right time in the right way is increased with lightning-speed accuracy with the help of cognitive computing.

Gartner predicts that through 2020, organizations using cognitive computing will achieve long-term success four times more often than others who don’t use cognitive computing. Cognitive computing, machine learning, and artificial intelligence are becoming the essential building blocks for an automated digital strategy with a human touch in 2017 and beyond.

When machine learning is paired with data analytics, digital professionals throughout an organization are able to gain deeper insights into customer sentiments and behavior as well. This allows organizations to personalize their content strategies and operations with enhanced accuracy, in tandem with personalized marketing strategies.

For example, using natural language processing (NLP), intelligent MarTech can take into consideration context, sentiment, and grammatical nuances of user-generated content. NLP could help digital marketers understand their customers’ interests and behaviors at a very microscopic and personalized level.

Digital marketers and data analysts need to harness the power of machine learning—as well as leverage all the marketing avenues paved by cognitive computing—if they want to solve real business problems with their data.

Don’t risk being left behind with an outdated and inefficient marketing strategy. Learn more about ways artificial intelligence and machine learning are pushing boundaries to solve real business problems.

At the upcoming 2017 Analytics Summit on November 9th, David Booth, Founding Partner and Principal Consultant at Cardinal Path, will present, “Marketing Analytics in the Age of Machine Learning.” During the presentation, Booth will explore ways to incorporate artificial intelligence and machine learning into your marketing strategy.

Register for the 2017 Analytics Summit to gain access to Booth’s presentation and presentations from 25+ other data-driven professionals who will cover topics focusing on trends, technology, and techniques to watch for in 2018.

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Jack Vawdrey

Jack Vawdrey is a content marketing strategist and closet programmer interested in the opportunities that marketing technology and automation present for enterprises. Passionate about digital marketing, content marketing, and analytics, Jack is continuously honing his skills in these areas and relishes an opportunity to share what he's learned. Jack joined the ObservePoint marketing team in 2016 as Managing Editor and now works as a Content Marketing Consultant.

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