Drive True Value From Data Beyond the Clickstream

November 6, 2017 Jack Vawdrey


internetMerely analyzing data from the clickstream is no longer enough to make a lasting business impact.

In today’s business environment, digital professionals must create and embrace measurement strategies that enhance their organization’s bottom lines—and siloed clickstream data simply doesn’t have the power to do that on its own.

Teams across organizations must start integrating data from multiple data sources from outside the clickstream to drive real financial and cultural value from their data.

Data sources parsing transactional data, customer sentiment and reviews, customer profiles and interactions, inventory tracking, marketing campaign histories, etc., are all essential to deriving more accurate and valuable prescriptive analyses. Businesses must find a way to integrate this data and measure it holistically if they want to boost their economic growth.

By integrating data from several disparate data sources into predictive models for measurement, organizations can build more accurate understanding of their customers and make better business decisions.

To put it another way, with diverse data from outside the clickstream, an organization can invent better products and experiences customers really want. Their interactions with customers will be much more positive, engaging, and efficient.

Essentially, with integrated data from multiple sources, digital professionals inside an organization will be able to make bottom-line-enhancing decisions in every department or segment of their business.

Concerning the benefits of moving beyond the clickstream, Eric Myers, Senior Solutions Consultant at Keystone Solutions, recently said, “Delivering clickstream data alone will no longer set your team apart. Today’s measurement strategy requires you and your team to help drive your organization’s bottom line and can even help to enhance it through credible inventive analysis.”

Myers, who has done consulting work for Bank of America, T-Mobile and other enterprise partners, will further address this topic during his presentation at the upcoming Analytics Summit on November 9th, titled “Driving True Value: Moving Your Data Stream Beyond the Click.”

Register for the 2017 Analytics Summit to gain access to Myers’ session on data streams, as well as other sessions hosted by 25+ other data-driven professionals who will cover topics focusing on trends, technology, and techniques to watch for in 2018.

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