David Kirschner, Former Lead, Google Attribution to Speak at the Marketing Attribution Symposium

June 19, 2020 Aunica Wride

SILICON SLOPES, Utah — June 19, 2020 — ObservePoint is pleased to announce that David Kirschner, Former Lead, Google Attribution & Founder of Snot Rocket, LLC, will be presenting “Setting the Stage for Success: Data Collection and Unification” at the Marketing Attribution Symposium, July 16, 2020 12pm - 3pm EST.

Campaign data is messy. It’s hard to keep clean and it’s hard to keep on top of, as a result, marketers and analysts often throw in the towel and end up just saying that the data they have collected and attempted to unify is good enough. But is it really? How do you know? And is it possible to collect quality data and still maintain your own sanity?

David addressed this issue saying, “‘Good enough’ is not good enough. The success of your program is dependent on the quality of your data. Some concessions will need to be made but that doesn’t apply to data integrity.” 

In his session at MAS, “Setting the Stage for Success: Data Collection and Unification,” David will discuss simple ways to ensure quality data collection and unification that don’t include you pulling your hair out. 

David has over 20 years of experience in the marketing and analytics industry. It all started when in 1997 his company had just launched its first website when David’s boss asked him, “Who’s coming to our site and why?” That single question prompted thousands of others within David’s curious mind, and propelled him to a career leading high-performing teams at Google, Adobe, Hotels.com, Zoosk, and Mars Inc. While at Google, David focused on their attribution products, so he brings a unique perspective to the symposium this year. 

The Marketing Attribution Symposium is a free online conference that brings together leaders in marketing, marketing operations, analytics, and content marketing to share and discover attribution best practices for using accurate data to drive business growth. 

Speakers at this event include:

  • John Neeson, Co-Founder, SiriusDecisions, Board Member & Adjunct Professor
  • Eric Hansen, Manager, Digital Analytics Product at Western Governors University
  • Matt Crupe, Senior Technical Consultant at Adobe
  • David Kirschner, Independent Advisor, Former Lead at Google Attribution, Founder of Snot Rocket, LLC
  • Brent Dykes, Senior Director, Insights & Data Storytelling at Blast Analytics
  • Chris Thornton, Vice President of Digital Marketing & Technology at Ashton Woods Homes
  • Molly Pilgrim, Brand Manager at Starlight Homes
  • Alex Lowe O'Connor, Digital Marketing Manager at Search Discovery
  • Lisa Altshul, Senior Digital Marketing Analyst at Search Discovery
  • And Mikel Chertudi, COO at ObservePoint

Learn more and register for the event here: Marketing Attribution Symposium

About ObservePoint

For organizations to be truly data-driven, they must answer two vital questions: 1) What is this data telling me about our customers? and 2) Can I trust my data?

Since its creation, ObservePoint has empowered insights-driven companies to trust their data with automated testing that scans their digital properties for data collection errors—ensuring that they have accurate data to guide their decisions. 

Now with Strala by ObservePoint, ObservePoint helps enterprises unify their data collection standards, capture and validate every customer touchpoint, and generate trustworthy, actionable insights that help them engage with their audience and drive their business forward.

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