Data Stewardship in Digital Analytics

November 10, 2016 Kara Frazier

In an age when companies are collecting more Big Data than they know what to do with, it is clear that their data needs governance—to be managed to optimize data quality, usability, security and accessibility.

Easier said than done.

According to a Forrester Report, “Data Governance programs have a way of starting and then fading away. This creates peaks and valleys in an organization’s ability to engage relevantly with their analytics program. Forrester finds 45% of organizations govern data inconsistently across business units.”

More than just a data governance plan, organizations need data stewards to oversee data governance and tactical aspects of implementation and data usage.

So who should the Data Steward be? What do they do? For whom and why? How do they interface with digital analytics team or are they even part of the digital analytics team?

Judah Phillips, Founder and Principal at SmartCurrent, reveals the answers to these questions and much more during his session at the 2016 Analytics Summit, hosted by ObservePoint on November 17 (video now available on-demand). Then take back your learnings to your office and do even better creating value with analytics.

Phillips’ session, “Data Stewardship in Digital Analytics,” was part of the 2016 Analytics Summit. View the presentations on-demand.


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