Data Operations: A Complete Solution to Everything Data-Driven

October 6, 2017 Jack Vawdrey

Data is everywhere. Every interaction, every tweet, every digital whatever, requires the generation, storage and transmission of data.

Digitally adept companies outperform digital amateurs, so businesses that use data intelligently surpass their competitors. To become a data-driven organization, you need to start out by ensuring that your data is completely dependable.

Easier said than done. When building and using big data repositories that include digital, customer, product, financial, demographic, first-party data and third-party data, it becomes harder and harder to manage and govern the integrity of these data sets.

To tackle this challenge, companies need to have a mature data intelligence foundation. They need data ops.

Data operations (or data ops) provide organizations with a set of processes, standards and rules that enable analytics and IT teams to create a stable data foundation. Data operations encompasses collection, governance, quality, integration and accessibility—the pillars of a data-driven organization.

To put it another way, data operations makes sure the best data securely arrives where it needs to go.

Data operations isn’t just a title or a department—it is a culture, comprised of the right balance of technology, personnel and process. And because data affects every member of the organization, companies need data operations to effectively apply data to administrative, top-down initiatives as well as to organic, bottom-up data campaigns.

To make company-wide data application a reality, you need to have a full-blown data ops strategy.

Chris Meares, VP of Analytics and Partner at MaassMedia, recently said:

“Without a strong data operations strategy, your business will run the risk of collecting inaccurate data that will compromise your ability to make smart and mission-critical decisions. You need a dependable data foundation to produce a reliable action plan and to maximize the business value of your data analytics strategy.”

Meares will be presenting at ObservePoint’s Analytics Summit on November 9, 2017. Reserve your spot to attend and discover how data collection, governance, quality, integration, and accessibility can help you glean the insights you need to make decisions.


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Jack Vawdrey

A former student and present enthusiast of the humanities, Jack Vawdrey uses his love of language to explore the role of marketing and analytics technology in business. Jack joined the ObservePoint marketing team in August 2016 as Managing Editor and now serves as a Content Marketing Consultant. Adamant about automation, Jack writes to educate the analytics and marketing community about the role of tag auditing and data governance in the enterprise.

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